Every 30 seconds, a burglary takes place in the U.S. This accounts for two burglaries in a minute and 2,880 burglaries in a day. According to the statistics of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for 2019, Americans have reported over $3 billion in losses owing to burglaries.

Now, we don’t mean to scare you. As we highlight these staggering numbers of burglaries across the U.S, we intend to explain why this biggest property crime happens so frequently.

From having vulnerability in access points to not paying heed to door replacement needs of a rugged door, there are a lot of things that homeowners do wrong. As a result, burglars can enter our homes with ease.

The good news is that despite the alarmingly high numbers of burglaries reported across the U.S each year, there are solutions that can help us curb the menace. So if you don’t want to be one of the 75 percent of American homeowners who’re predicted to be a victim of a burglary in the next 20 years, take a note of this blog.

Reasons for Home Burglaries

Here are some of the most common reasons burglars target your home. Take precautions today and upgrade your safety!

You are Too Much on Social Media

This may be the oddest of all reasons, but according to a survey, 60 percent of homeowners who were too active on social media ended up on burglars’ radar. If you’re someone who’s always updating statuses, checking-in various locations, and posting geo-tagged pictures, you’re telling the burglars that no one’s home!

So if you want to do very little to protect your home from burglary, be cautious of what you post on your social media.

You Live Next to an Alley

Now, this one’s a bit tricky. If you’re about to rent a home or buy one, maybe not settle for a home that’s built next to an alley. However, for people already living next to an alley, the only option is to opt for door and home windows that offer you higher security. You can’t change the alley’s presence but you can upgrade your home’s security with advanced windows and door solutions.

A burglar attempting to break-in

Your Neighborhood Needs More Security

If you’re living in Alabama, your state has the seventh rank amongst the states with the highest burglary incidents. And in Alabama, some neighborhoods are more vulnerable to burglaries owing to various factors. So if you’re in a neighborhood that needs tightened security, invest in specially glazed windows for Alabama homeowners that offer upgraded security protection.

You are a Renter

Renters tend to get burglarized more than homeowners, says another report. This is mainly because renters make do with all kinds of situations and don’t pay attention to repairs and replacements of doors, windows, and access points.

If you’re a renter, talk to your landlord to ensure that you have optimum security around the house. This includes having a home security system, multi-layered glass panels on a window, and sturdy entry doors such as fiberglass or steel doors.

Your House is in the Dark

Now we don’t mean that your house is literally in the dark corner or doesn’t have ample light. Being in the dark means that your house is hidden behind unmaintained landscapes, has dim lighting on the entrance, or looks like it’s vacant. Albeit most burglaries take place during the day, maintaining light around the house at night is also important.

A dark abandoned alley

You Forget to Fix/Replace Locks

If you often keep your windows open during the summer and then forget to lock them, you have the perfect recipe for burglary. Additionally, if your entry door needs a lock repair or your windows are in dire need of window replacement, delaying it will only cause you trouble!

You have Vulnerable Access Points

As mentioned earlier, corner homes, houses with alleys, and those with unrepaired locks and windows are more prone to get burglarized. Always be vigilant about your home’s condition and if you’re a renter, make sure that your landlord is fulfilling your needs for improved home security. Keep your access points locked and in the best condition at all times.

You Don’t have a Home Security System

Having a home security system may seem as common as having a sturdy steel door at your home’s entrance, only that it’s not! According to a survey reported by Forbes, surprisingly, 75 percent of homes in the U.S don’t have a home security system. This number does make sense when we look at the scary number of burglaries happening around the country, no?

A person picking a lock

Your Windows are Worn Out

Now, not having locks on the window was risky but having worn-out windows dislocated from their frame is a different level of recklessness! If you want to keep burglars away from your home, it’s about time to opt for sturdy, durable, and two-layered glass panel windows that prevent your home from forced entry – one of the highest means of burglaries.

Your Doors Need Replacement

Lastly, your exterior door is the first line of defense against harsh weather, intruders, and burglars. Upgrade your home’s security by investing in the most advanced and high-tech door solutions that offer you protection against all external threats. No matter where you live, don’t undermine the importance of your exterior door’s strength.

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