When families have children, their priorities change. They make sure to provide a healthy and safe environment for their children to grow in. Many alterations need to be made in a house before it is ready to welcome a new member. But despite all the babyproofing efforts, children still get hurt from door and window accidents. So here are some tips from replacement home windows and doors providers of AL that can help you avoid these accidents around the house.

1. Baby Gates

Baby gates are not only needed in a home with infants, but it also helps older children stay safe around the house. You can alter the height of these gates according to the kids’ age and prevent many common types of injuries.

2. Electrical Outlets

Covering up your home’s electrical outlets should be on the top of your priorities list. Children can poke and play with these outlets and get hurt easily. Teach your child about the danger of playing with switches and boards, so they will also be careful on their own.

3. Child Locks on Cabinets

The cabinets in your home that are stocked with sharp tools should have child locks. Even if they are out of children’s reach, they still have to be child-proofed for extra safety.

4. Cover Up the Edges

There are many edges and sharp surfaces around the house that can hurt a young child. This includes the sides of an exterior door, edges of furniture, and frames of double or single-hung windows. You can use foams or other types of softer materials to cover up these potentially harming surfaces, so your kids can play around the house without any risk.

5. Take Care of Exposed Wires

Any loose wires in your house must be fastened or hidden for child safety. It will also help prevent electrical problems around the house. Call a professional electrician and find a permanent solution for exposed electrical wiring.

6. Window Locks

Children can get their fingers stuck while trying to open or close a window themselves. This may lead to small or even severe injuries. Parents need to install safety mechanisms on vinyl frame window locks so adults can only operate them. A window replacement service company can provide you with multiple options for making your window locks child-friendly.

7. Sliding Window Issues

Sliding windows open and shut with swift action can pose a risk to child safety. Children may get their hands stuck in these window frames and get hurt. To avoid this issue, you can ask your window replacement service provider to adjust the window frames to your needs. This way, the weight of the glass and frames will be distributed evenly. Parents may be better off replacing sliding windows entirely with double-hung, energy-efficient windows.

8. Door Knobs and Handles

No parent likes to lock doors every time they leave their children unattended in a room. This is why you should install doorknobs or handles at a height that is unreachable for infants. You can also use child-safety locks to secure these handles further.

9. Ovens and Stoves

Burns are a common injury sustained by children of all ages. It usually occurs when ovens and stoves are in reach of children. To save your children from such problems, you should install covers on the stoves and keep your oven child-locked. Also, avoid hanging anything off the oven handle because they have a habit of pulling anything their hands can reach. The switches on your stoves and oven should also have a sturdy protective mechanism.

10. Remove Cat and Dog Doors

The small opening underneath your exterior door might be useful for pets, but it must be removed for your children’s safety. They might use it to crawl out of the house or get stuck within. It can be difficult to cover up this hole without tarnishing the beauty of your door. So, the only option you have is to call a door replacement service and get a new door installed.

11. Door Frames

One of the most common door-related injuries in children occurs when their fingers get in between the door and its frame. If the door is heavy, it could easily cause a finger fracture. Wind drafts can worsen this problem and increase the risk of injury. By installing cushioning material around the door frames, you can prevent any future accidents. This material will also improve the insulation mechanism of your door and make your home energy-efficient.

12. Safety for Double-Hung Windows 

Many parents make the mistake of opening both sashes of their double-hung windows. They do so to improve indoor ventilation and let in the fresh air. Because the bottom sash is in reach of children, they may get hurt trying to open or close it. Hence, parents should keep the bottom sash closed and only open the top one. It will help with indoor ventilation sufficiently without risking your child’s safety.

13. Furniture to Window Distance

Avoid placing your furniture close to windows, as it will give children easy access out the window. They could even climb onto the windows and get stuck or hurt. Have your furniture supported by a wall, so there is no danger of falling when your kids play or jump on it.

14. Illuminate Your Doors

The risk of door accidents increases in dark rooms, where light switches are installed far away from the door. So, install a night light above all doors in your house, especially the exterior door, and save your family from this problem.

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