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How long has your home in Florida had the same exterior door?

Florida is one of the unique states in the country. It has personality, culture, and a whole lot of attitude. Perhaps that’s why it attracts more residents than any other state every year. The homeowners in Florida are unique, too, which is something that isn’t reflected in their homes very often. You might’ve never given your home’s exterior door much thought, but you’re underestimating the impact it has on your home’s overall aesthetic and functionality.

Let’s discuss what that means by focusing on the main features every home door in Florida should have.

1. Reliability

Your exterior door is the main entry and exit point to your home. It’ll withstand harsh summer winds and rainfalls throughout the year. To not succumb to the pressure of Florida’s beachy climate, your home exterior door should be as durable as it can be. That’s why experts recommend homeowners opt for steel doors or fiberglass doors for their homes.

2. Energy Efficiency

You’ve likely heard people call doors and windows “energy-efficient” before, but what does that actually mean? Energy-efficient doors are designed to lower your electricity bills by regulating the temperature inside your home. Again, fiberglass and steel exterior doors with vinyl frames in FL are highly effective in saving your home’s energy expenditure. They also don’t contract or expand with changes in temperature.

3. Security

Security is easily the most important feature of an exterior home door in FL. Your exterior door is the first place, besides any exterior windows, where any malicious intruders will attack in an attempt to break in. To withstand that impact, your front door should be as sturdy and secure as it can be. If your old door’s security features are starting to wear out, it’s time to opt for some door replacement services in FL!

4. Elegance

Lastly, but equally as importantly, elegance is something you should also focus on. As mentioned earlier, Florida is a funky state, and the homes here should reflect that. Explore the various styles, types, and colors of doors available in the market. If you have the space and budget for it, invest in some stunning sidelights, new frames, and/or transoms, too.

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