HGTV has made DIYers out of us, but some renovation projects are better left to the professionals. Door installation, especially exterior door installation, is a task for the experts.

It’s the first line of defense against intruders (even interfering mothers-in-law) to keep your family safe and happy. Got the door? Good, now take one more step and hire a professional to preserve your security.

Security is not the only thing a professional door installer is good for. They also have many other benefits for door installation that a DIY project will never do.


DIY Door Installation Fails

Been on HGTV and seen couples taking down whole walls and putting up new ones themselves? Despite how nice and easy they make it look. Reality is often different; it is Hollywood, after all.

Unless you have a lot of experience installing doors, you’re bound to run into one of the problems below:

  • DIYers often hang the door parallel to the wall without checking if it’s level. A door like this will keep swinging open or closed. That’ll need more time and money to fix than it’s worth.
  • Using the wrong hinge screws is another common mistake DIYers make. The right crew will keep the door stable, while the wrong one will make it migrate over time.
  • The end of the shim should be facing the door’s hinge pin. People will often place them improperly or even backward, making the door difficult to close.


Why Hire a Professional?

Don’t expect good results if you don’t start outright. So, what’s right? A professional who knows what they’re doing, of course.


Benefit #1: Doors are Properly Installed

Doors not installed properly will swing back and forth or get stuck in spots. A professional installer with years of experience can install it properly. They also make sure you get all the visual benefits of the door.

While they install the door, they ensure no damage to the property around it. It’s about providing your home with an aesthetic look and a sturdy door that was installed correctly. A durable door will be long-lasting and won’t need replacing quickly.

Experienced installers are also open to discussing your vision and keeping a close eye on everything from acquiring to installing. They’ll also tell you any modifications required to achieve your desired look.


Benefit #2: Lowered Security and Safety Concerns

A door can be hefty. The average weight of a fiberglass door is anywhere from 77 to 85 pounds. They are generally considered much lighter. They’ll weigh even more if you’re getting a wood or steel door.

Imagine having a heavy door fall on your foot while transporting it. You’ll break your foot for sure. Leave it to the professionals and save your feet! They also can be awkward to transport since they’re so large. Professionals have the necessary tools and transport to do it safely.

Additionally, a door installed by a professional will keep your home more secure. You’ll feel assured that your family is safe, and the door will stay closed when you lock it.


Benefit #3: Quality Work Every Time

Hiring a professional doesn’t just mean getting the most bang for your buck. It also means quality. Whether constructing a new home or renovating an older one with a professional installer, your investment doesn’t go down the drain.

Doors aren’t cheap. Therefore you must work with experienced installers to have all the door’s benefits.

7 Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Door Installation - Red Door

Benefit #4: Excellent Insulation

Aesthetic isn’t the only purpose of doors and windows. They provide insulation as well. How your door is installed is critical to properly insulating your house.

A properly installed door will have correctly installed frames. This gives you all the insulation advantages you’ll need. Insulated doors reduce heat loss, keep cool air inside when it’s hot out and conserve energy.


Benefit #5: Debris Clean-Up

Door installation can get messy. Disposing of old doors and removing debris from construction is a tiring task. If you’re working alone or with friends, you’ll be cleaning up hours added to the many work hours.

A professional will always clean up the debris and mess after leaving the spot squeaky clean and your brand-new door as the new star of the house.


Benefit #6: Work Gets Done Quickly

Many tasks go into replacing and installing a door. Every task needs its set of tools. Do it yourself, and you’ll need to spend hours on a single door. Unless it’s summer vacation and you have nothing to do, nobody has that kind of time to spend. Professionals can install doors quickly and without any virtual risk.

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Benefit #7: Saves You Time & Money

All of the above benefits combined save you time and money. Good quality doors can get expensive; installing them yourself is just risking it. With a professional, you pay for the door and the installation. They bring the tools and even clean up the debris.

If you look at the things required to install a door and analyze how long it would take for a non-professional, there is a large difference between the time and money spent. Save both and hire a professional.


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