Kids are naturally curious, and that curiosity can become dangerous when paired with windows.” – Julia Vandenheuvel, MD.

More than 3000 children in America get injured due to falls from windows every year. While most falls are not fatal, window-related falls can cause severe injuries that may result in death. Therefore, you must take preventive measures as a parent to ensure your child remains safe from window-related accidents.

While abrasions, cuts, and bruises are some common window-related injuries, other more serious concerns include internal head injuries, concussions, and fractures. Continue reading this blog to learn how to avoid window-related accidents at your home.

Some Facts About Window-related Accidents

  • Window-related accidents result in about eight deaths per year among children under five years.
  • Death or injury may even result from falling from a building’s first-floor window.
  • Children are more vulnerable to window-related accidents than adults.
  • In 2002, more than 110,000emergency visits to a hospital were due to falls from windows.
  • Window cord strangulation is another window-related accident that caused 50 fatalities among young children and infants from 2012 to 2017.
  • Each month, a child aged between 7 months to 10years dies due to window cord strangulation.
  • Children above ten years are likely to experience a fall from a window after becoming entangled with a window’s pull cords.
  • About 17000 injuries have resulted from window blinds from 1990 to 2015, injuring most children aged less than six years.

Preventive Measures for Window-related Accidents

While many homeowners eagerly await summertime, the season can bring severe health implications for you and your children. For example, you might keep your windows open throughout the day to enjoy the summer breeze. However, if you have curious children or pets at home, an open window might create a fall hazard. Therefore, implement the following tips, so your kids stay safe from window-related accidents:

1. Overall window safety

Many parents believe closed windows are enough to protect their children from accidents. Since children are always observing and exploring, there’s a high chance your kids might try to open a closed window when you’re not around. Therefore, it’s essential to lock the windows instead of simply closing them when your children are in the room. Despite your urge to let in the fresh air, this preventive measure will ultimately save your kids’ lives. If you can’t completely avoid opening windows, only open the ones that are well out of your kid’s reach.

2. Replacing Windows

Parents should consider hiring replacement home window providers to replace their single-hung windows with double-hung windows as they are the safer choice for any home with children. Double-hung windows will also let you enjoy fresh air without worrying about your children falling from the windows. Just lock the bottom and open the top sash, and you’re good to go!

You can also consider blocking the window with furniture, such as a cupboard or a dresser, to prevent injuries at home. If you can’t afford to replace windows, this tip will help put your mind at ease.

3. Don’t rely on Blinds or Window Screens

Blinds may help keep the conditioned air inside your home, but you shouldn’t rely on them to protect your children from a potential fall. Similarly, window screens only keep the bugs away from your house and can’t be trusted to offer protection against window-related accidents. Therefore, it’s best to follow the first tip and keep all windows locked or only open the ones your kids can’t reach.

4. Install Safety Devices

With the growing number of window-related accidents in America, many child safety devices are available to prevent falls from windows. For example:

  • A window stopper limits opening a window beyond a certain point, ensuring your kids stay safe while enjoying the outdoor view.
  • Window guards are another safety measure that lets in the fresh air and provides an extra protective layer for your children. Nevertheless, bear in mind all the potential emergencies you might experience in due course. For example, opt for a quick-release mechanism that can help you escape through the windows in case of fires.

5. Furniture

Remove all furniture from near the windows your kids can climb on. For instance, a couch, dining table, study table, etc.

6. Help Your Children Understand the Precautions

We understand how overwhelming it can be for parents to supervise their children constantly. With a busy work life and domestic and social responsibilities, it’s impossible to monitor kids continuously. However, there are certain things a parent can do to relieve themselves of the endless anxiety. For instance:

  • Tell your kids why they shouldn’t be near windows or try to open them, especially when no adult is around.
  • Ensure they can’t access rooftops, fire escapes, balconies, or the terrace of your house.
  • Talk to them about the potential dangers of jumping or climbing out the window.

7. Prepare In Advance

You can never really tell what your kids might do despite educating them. Some might obey your instructions, whereas mischievous ones might want to do the exact opposite. Therefore, we recommend every parent takes some mandatory steps to prevent a hazardous situation. Try growing dense grass, mulch, or shrubs under your windows that can cushion your child’s fall. Prepare in advance to give yourself much-needed peace of mind.

The Bottom Line

To replace your single-hung windows with double-hung ones, you can reach out to EcoView Windows and Doors. We are replacement home window providers in Florida with years of experience. Call us now to learn more about our services.