According to research, Florida is responsible for 201 million BTUs per person energy consumption in the United States.

However, everyone around us is constantly trying to save money, and cutting down on energy costs is the simplest, quickest, and most practical way to do that!

From using energy-efficient windows to reducing water usage at your home, here are some methods to reduce energy costs.

Turn Off the Water When Brushing or Shaving

Do you know that leaving the water running while you brush your teeth or shave results in 3 gallons of water being wasted annually? That’s a lot, and wasting this much obviously hikes your water bills! In addition, wasting water is a massive threat to the environment as scientists have predicted that the earth will run out of its fresh water reservoirs by 2040.

It’s high time you turn off the tap when you’re brushing or shaving and save the environment and your money. Fill a cup of water, and place it on your counter to use when you’re brushing. In addition, you can also fill the sink with water and turn the faucet off until you need to rinse your face. This might seem small, but you’ll be saving 3 gallons of water and helping the planet! What more do you need?

Unplug Electric Appliances When Not in Use

Do you need to unplug every electric appliance when you’re not using them? That seems a little extreme, but let us tell you the reason. According to research, electric appliances consume electricity even when you’re not using them. This amount can be as little as 25 watts but it can result in significant energy consumption.

Some of you might already turn off the switches of your television or washing machine when you aren’t using them, and that’s great! However, you can reduce energy consumption and save more money by unplugging these devices and appliances. Unplugging is one of the most low-effort, free, and simplest ways to reduce energy costs in your house.

 Unplugging electronic devices saves energy costs

Wash Large Loads in The Dishwasher and Washing Machine

Dishwashers and washing machines have made our lives easier, but do you know that they also increase your energy consumption significantly? But we have a solution! Whenever you’re washing dishes or clothes in your house, always fill the largest load possible.

The reason behind this is that your washers use the same amount of water and electricity whether you wash clothes and dishes on a small load setting or a full load one. Doing this lets you save around $3400 gallons of water annually, reducing your utility costs significantly.

Use Water on Lower Temperature

Here’s a simple tip that can help you save a lot of money! If you constantly take hot water baths or wash or rinse your clothes in hot water, you’re spending a lot of money on heating that water. In addition, the detergent you use to wash your clothes works best in moderate to cold water. And do we have to mention that taking baths with hot water can damage your hair and skin?

Therefore, the best solution to all of these problems is to use water at moderate temperatures. You don’t have to heat water at all while washing your clothes or doing other daily chores. However, when it comes to showering, we aren’t asking you to start cold water baths; instead, dial back the temperature settings on your water heater, and take baths in mildly warm water. It’s better for the skin and lighter on the bills!

Dryer Out, Clothesline In

Who would’ve thought we would’ve to dry our clothes on a clothesline outside the house in the era of dryers and automatic washing machines? But desperate times call for desperate measures! Electric power dryers can put a dent in your wallet, and why would you even use that when you can harness the power of Florida’s sunlight and wind!

Especially if you’ve got a large household, electric power dryers can maximize your energy costs, which you wouldn’t want! Therefore, you can use a clothesline to hang and dry your clothes outside. We understand that this can be a lot of effort, but, hey, anything to reduce energy costs! In addition, drying clothes on a line also leaves your clothes smelling fresh!

Drying clothes on a clothesline helps you be more energy-efficient 

Replace Your Light Bulbs

Another step to cut down energy costs is simply replacing your light bulbs. The traditionally manufactured light bulbs are responsible for increasing your electricity bills. In addition, they also have a shorter life span, meaning that you need to replace them regularly. That’s a lot of cons, so why don’t you switch to a more energy-efficient alternative?

LED light bulbs consume 25 to 85 percent less energy and last 3 to 25 percent more than traditional light bulbs. Electricity reduction and a longer lifespan – that’s a whole package!

Use Energy-Efficient Windows

Do you know that energy-efficient windows reduce your carbon footprint significantly? According to the US Department of Energy, a single-pane energy-efficient window allows you to save $126-465 annually, while a double-pane energy-efficient window lets you save $27-$111 annually. Moreover, with energy-efficient windows, your house will have a more ambient temperature. Not to mention, you’ll save a lot on maintenance costs!

Energy-efficient windows cut down costs

Get Energy Efficient Windows in FL

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