Just like other things, windows come in different shapes and sizes too. However, when choosing a new double-hung window for their house, most people think about the color or the style of the frame. While this isn’t the wrong approach, you should consider another factor — the type of window glass suitable for your house. Window glasses have different types, and each has its unique properties.

Here, we’ve discussed some common types of window glass so that you can make a well-informed decision about the type of window glass your house needs.

Window Float Glass

Do you know that the glass you usually use in your windows is called float glass? Float glass is glass in its simplest form. In fact, it’s a simple sheet of molten glass that the factory hasn’t treated or cut yet. However, here’s an interesting fact: Float glass is called float glass after the process of turning untreated molten glasses into large glass slabs. But what is the process of creating float glass?

Glass manufacturers pour the molten glass over molten tin sheets to create a thin float glass sheet or small panels, later installed in frames and used as windows. You may think that this float glass can easily break or crack, and you’re right! Glass in its simplest form is easy to break, but glass manufacturers have a solution. They put some float glasses through different processes to create a high-quality glass pane.


Float glasses are a good choice for areas that experience no thunderstorms, rainstorms, or have no break-ins. Any of the events mentioned above require a sturdier window glass.

Laminated Safety Glass for Windows

This type of glass is ideal for security purposes. These are the best options for people who need stronger window glass or take extra security measures.

Now, let us dive deep into the manufacturing process of laminated safety glass. In this process, manufacturers fuse two glass panes around a polyvinyl butyral layer. They use a significant amount of heat and pressure to create a glass panel that doesn’t break easily.

Many people use these glass panes for windows, but they also have another popular function. Most vehicle manufacturers prefer to use laminated safety glass in their vehicles, as it protects from objects that can break the glass. If you’re scared of hurricanes and thunderstorms breaking your home’s windows, or burglars getting inside, this is the right option for you!

Obscured Window Glass

Another popular glass type that many people choose for privacy reasons is obscured window glass. However, unlike laminated safety glass, this obscured window glass doesn’t provide security as it’s not strong enough. In fact, people use them for a different type of security — privacy. It’s harder to see through an obscured window glass, making it the better option for bathroom or bedroom windows.

Through obscured glasses, people outside can only see shadows moving inside, ensuring the residents’ privacy. An obscured glass provides enough privacy on its own, but people who want an extra layer of protection can go for it!

Tinted Window Glass

You may have often seen vehicles with tinted glasses, but do you know you can also get tinted glass for your home? Unlike obscured glasses that allow people to see shadows and movements, tinted window glasses offer complete privacy. Many glass experts like to term tinted window glasses as an upgrade to obscured window glass, and rightly so!

Besides offering added privacy, tinted window glasses are also harder to break, as the tint layer makes the glass stronger. In addition, tinted window glasses are also UV-resistant, preventing harmful ultraviolet rays from entering the house.

Insulated Window Glass

This type of window glass is one of the most common window glasses you can find in different homes. Insulated window glass, also called double glazing or triple glazing glass, is an all-rounder choice for houses in most areas. Insulated window glass is extra-secure as an insulated glass consists of two to three panes of glass, bound with argon in between them.

Manufacturers try to prevent condensation inside the glass by using a desiccant component, but in most cases, condensation still forms outside the window glass. Moreover, insulated window glasses are also energy-efficient, making them suitable for eco-conscious homeowners.

Mirrored Window Glass

As the name suggests, mirrored window glasses provide a mirrored effect. Like mirrors, the manufacturing process of these window glasses includes a metal coating. Glass manufacturers place a metal coating on one side of the pane. After that, they seal the whole glass pane with a protective sealant.

However, not many people use these glasses for exterior windows, and you’ll spot these rarely. But some people use them in interior windows and walls for decorative purposes.

Wired Window Glass

Many people consider wired glasses the same as security glasses, but this is a common misconception. Wired glasses have fire-resistant properties that keep the window in place even under high heat levels.

In addition, when people use hosepipes to extinguish the flames, the wire in these windows prevents the glass shards from breaking and sticking out. People don’t commonly use these glasses in the house, but instead, use them in schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings.

Low-Emission Window Glass

If you’re concerned about thermal radiation affecting you and your families, low-E window glasses are the right option for you! Manufacturers apply a thermal coating to these glasses, reflecting thermal radiation.

These glasses prevent heat from entering the house in hot summers, while it prevents inside heat from escaping the house in cold winters. Getting Low-E window glasses results in less use of air conditioners and heaters, reducing the energy costs.

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