An impact door is more than just a door.

It not only provides structural stability to your house by absorbing and distributing the force of an impact, such as from an earthquake, hurricane, or car wreck, but it also enhances security and theft protection from intruders.

An exterior impact door can be a great addition to your home, so it’s important that you choose the right one.

If you’re in the market for a dependable impact door, you should know that there are certain features it must have.

Here’s a list of those features:

1. Impact-Resistant Laminated Glass Panels

Hurricanes can send objects flying through the air at tremendous speeds. A single palm frond can do thousands of dollars’ worth of interior damage if it gets inside a home.

Impact-resistant fiber glass doors has been tested and certified to protect your home from high-speed impacts. It’s made from laminated polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sheets, which prevent glass fragments from flying around your home when an impact does occur.

Laminated glass panels also offer enhanced security as they are more difficult to break than regular glass panels. This is because of the plastic interlayer that holds the panes together. The idea behind this extra layer of protection helps keep the door from breaking if it gets hit by something big and heavy. These rigid layers need to be strong enough to withstand heavy impacts without shattering or splintering into pieces.

Additionally, laminated glass has soundproofing properties, making it ideal for use in commercial buildings where privacy is paramount.

2. Energy Efficiency Using Polyurethane Foam Filling

Polyurethane foam has excellent thermal insulating properties due to its unique cellular structure that prevents heat transfer between rooms.

The best low-E glass on the market is designed to keep UV rays from entering a building while allowing sunlight to pass through.

Exterior doors with polyurethane foam filling can help keep the heat inside the room during winter and outside during summer, minimizing the use of heating and cooling systems. This also lowers your energy bills significantly while providing you with maximum comfort throughout the year.

3. Reinforced Frames

The vinyl doorframe holds your door together and provides its structure, so this is one of the most important things to consider when looking at impact doors. You want something that’s sturdy enough to hold up against constant wind pressure without bending or breaking.

Fiberglass is also particularly useful in such cases because it is scratch-resistant and easy to maintain. Impact doors are also usually reinforced with steel or aluminum components to allow doors to withstand wind pressure and flying debris during a hurricane. Aluminum is also ideal because it prevents corrosion caused by saltwater and chemicals, making it perfect for coastal areas in Florida.

Without these reinforcements, the door could become dislodged from its hinges or split apart due to wind pressure. The hurricane door must also be attached securely to the building at all times to prevent it from being blown off its hinges during a storm.

4. Weather Seals

Hurricane doors should have special weather seals also known as weatherstripping, around the frame, so they are airtight when closed. These seals are designed to withstand sub-zero conditions, so they’ll not crack in cold conditions. The door should be balanced evenly on its hinges so it will close properly and stay sealed even if there are strong winds pushing against it. It should also be certified by Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ).

5. Customizable Options

Not all homeowners are after the same aesthetic appeal. Some people prefer dark colors, while others want woodgrain effects on their doors. You should be able to customize your exterior impact door so it reflects who you are as a home or business owner. The best impact doors have a sleek and secure design. Aside from keeping your house safe from strong winds and flying debris, it also enhances the overall look of your home or property.

6. Tamper-Resistant Hinges

Tamper-resistant hinges are a must for security, whether you’re dealing with hurricanes or burglars. Look for hinges that cannot be removed from the outside of the door and have anti-lift plates that make it impossible to lift the door off its hinges.

7. UL Certified Hardware

Another feature that every dependable impact door should have is UL certified hardware. This hardware has been tested for strength and durability to ensure it will function properly during a hurricane. The door must be able to withstand the pressure of strong winds without breaking or coming off its hinges. The higher the rating number is for the door’s hardware, the stronger it is against harsh weather conditions.

The installed exterior doors must also pass endurance tests for operation cycles (at least 100,000), latching force (at least 35 pounds), and other standards imposed by the UL 10C Standard for Fire Tests

8. Wind Code Rating

When shopping for an impact door, make sure it has a wind code rating that meets the requirements of your home or business.

A door that gets a rating of HVHZ-PR 6 will be able to withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 175 MPH. This rating is typically reserved for doors made of metal, but some high-quality wood doors can also get this rating.

You should also ensure the door is installed correctly by a professional as per manufacturer instructions to ensure it can handle rough weather conditions. The right combination of materials and construction will give you peace of mind during storms.

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