Natural disasters like hurricanes and storms are inevitable in hurricane-prone regions of Florida. Florida has experienced many natural disasters such as floods, storms, and hurricanes in the past few decades.

Natural disasters put your family’s safety and your home in danger. Most recently, Florida was hit by Hurricane Michael in 2018, which caused an insurance loss of over $7 billion. Hurricane Michael was one of the strongest hurricanes that hit the US with 160 mph winds, devastating Tyndall Air Force Base and hundreds of other civilian homes.

You should also take measures to keep your home safe from burglaries and theft. FBI report shows that burglaries account for over 16.1% of residential property crimes.

Victims suffer millions of losses from forced entries and other such incidents. Looking at these alarming statistics, every homeowner must prioritize home security and take measures to protect their home from natural disasters and intruders.

Here’s how you can improve the security of your home:

Obtaining Home Insurance

First things first, if you live in Florida, you need to make sure that you have solid home insurance that will help you cover repair damages caused during a break-in or natural disasters.

A basic insurance policy would cover losses from burglaries to structural damage from natural disasters. If you’re still paying your mortgage, you need to at last have basic policy insurance coverage.

Many insurance companies also provide discounts on home strengthening measures such as installing impact-resistant double-hung windows and fiberglass doors to provide robust protection against heavy storms, burglary threats, and hurricanes.

Don’t forget to look into the policies thoroughly before buying insurance to ensure that it provides all the necessary coverages to protect your home.

Home Security System

You can also choose to install an effective home security system that will prevent thieves and other intruders from entering your home. A surveillance camera and an alert system will decrease the likelihood of intruders breaking into your home, as they tend to choose an easy victim.

Therefore, a strong security system for your home will deter thieves. There are many high-tech options that you can choose from. Some security cameras come with motion sensors that alert law enforcement when you’re not at home.

Install Impact Windows

Hurricane impact windows in Florida

Another way to strengthen the security of your home is to install impact-resistant energy-efficient windows. These windows are built to withstand strong winds that can otherwise shatter the window glass and ruin the interior of your home, causing more damage.

With impact-resistant single-hung windows, you wouldn’t need to buy and hang hurricane shutters every time there’s a hurricane prediction. Impact windows will protect your home and bring you peace of mind.

Unlike hurricane shutters, which require extensive maintenance such as cleaning, lubricating, and washing, impact windows don’t require regular upkeep and maintenance once installed.

Here are some additional benefits of impact windows:

· Reduce Energy Bills

Utility bills during the summer add up fast. Energy-efficient windows have highly-insulated glass panes that retain the temperature inside your home. The impact window glass’s low-E properties will keep your Florida home cool in summer and warm in winter.

· Aid in Noise Reduction

Another bonus feature of impact windows that you can benefit from is that they reduce disrupting noise from the outside. If you’re in a busy neighborhood, you should hire replacement home windows providers to install impact windows.

Sealed vinyl frame windows will keep the outside disturbance away from your home.

Windows and Doors Caulk

In high storm and hurricane weather, rainwater can easily enter your home if there are holes or cracks around your windows or doors. You can take care of this issue by applying caulk around your doors and windows.

Freshly applied caulk will prevent moisture from getting trapped in your window and door frame and damaging them. It will also protect your home against storm winds.

Gas and Water Lines

Strong winds and hurricanes can damage water and gas line connections that can cause serious injuries. Ensure that the connectors are flexible and will bend and shift during a strong storm, so the connection lines remain intact.

Storm Drains

Always keep storm drains clean in hurricane season. If the drains are clogged, the water will not have anywhere to go, which will increase the flood damage.

Impact Fiberglass and Steel Doors

Florida home with impact fiberglass door

Homeowners near coastal regions are more likely to face damage from hurricanes and storms. Protect your home from unforgiving hurricanes by installing impact exterior doors.

Impact doors will keep your home secure against hurricanes as well as burglaries. Once you’ve installed impact steel doors, you wouldn’t have to buy hurricane panels, accordions, or other additional protective devices to meet Florida building codes.

Exterior impact doors will also protect your home from harmful UV rays that can damage your home’s valuables. UV rays can fade furniture, carpets, and hardwood shine over time, causing discoloration.

The vast variety available in the market will also improve your curb appeal, increasing your home value if you decide to sell it in the future.

Keep Everything Above Flood Level

Ensure that you keep all appliances, especially electric devices, above the flood level.

Appliances can easily catch fire, causing damage and jeopardizing your family’s safety. Move all electric appliances at least two feet above your home’s flood levels.

Flood after a hurricane in FL

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