Designing a child’s first room can be an overwhelming process for the parents. While most parents focus on decorating their kid’s rooms with all sorts of toys, furniture, and wall decals, they must also consider making them functional and safe from environmental hazards. Outside pollutants and contaminants like dust, debris, etc., can enter your child’s room through the window and pose health risks. Thus, parents must consider window replacement solutions, among other things, to ensure their children’s safety. Here’s how you can make your child’s room safer and more comfortable:

1. Install Single-Hung Windows   

Whether you’re remodeling an old room or building a new house, ensure your child’s personal living space has windows. Windows bring in natural light and offer ventilation. They eliminate the toxins and bacteria from your surroundings and create a safer and healthier indoor environment.

Furthermore, the abundant sunlight will help elevate your child’s mood and behavior while strengthening their bones and improving their overall immune system. Thus, hire window replacement services to replace old and broken windows with new and improved designs.

2. Window Fall Protection

Every year, more than 3300 children in the US get injured due to falls from windows. While most falls aren’t fatal, they could cause severe wounds or fractures. Therefore, preventing falls from windows is also essential when designing your kid’s room. Here are some things parents can do to protect their kids from falling down the window:

  • Install window guards on all second-story windows.
  • Keep windows locked when there’s no adult supervision.
  • Grow thick grass to minimize injuries.
  • Teach your kids about the dangers of being near an open window without adult supervision.

3. Consider Window Replacements

Any gaps in the window frames or glass panes should be fixed to keep the outside pollutants from entering inside. Replace old and worn-out windows with new ones if you’re planning a house remodel. While an average window can last for several years, stormy weather conditions and airborne debris can cause them to wear out prematurely. Thus, windows are susceptible to wear and tear over time. However, you can ensure your child’s safety by considering professional window replacement services near you.

A baby playing with a toy on the floor.

4. Install a Good Flooring Design

A child’s room is highly susceptible to moisture damage, scratches, abrasions, etc. In this context, water spills and splashes can risk your children injurious falls. Therefore, install a water-resistant flooring system in your kid’s room to make it safer for them. A good flooring design will also eliminate the accumulation of allergens, dust, and dirt, reducing the health concerns for you and your loved ones.

5. Place a Soft Material on the Floor

Do consider the safety aspects when choosing the right flooring or furnishing for your toddler’s room. If you have a curious toddler who’s likely to crawl around the room all day long, make sure to baby-proof your home. Place a soft fabric or rug on the floor if you can’t invest in a water-proof flooring system. This will prevent water damage and protect your child from the protruding splinters.

6. Install Safety Pads

Your child’s room is like a play area for them. While you may have locked the windows and installed a safe flooring system in your kid’s living space, it’s also mandatory to install safety pads on all sharp objects to ensure optimum results. Cover all sharp or pointed edges with soft pads to get peace of mind while your toddler plays in their room.

A nursery with minimal furnishing.

7. Install Energy-Efficient Windows

Winter is often a critical period for parents as they worry about their kids catching the seasonal flu. While you may think you have shut the windows close, warped and swollen window frames do little to keep the cold air from entering your child’s room. In this regard, energy-efficient windows are the best choice for parents. It keeps your interior warm during the colder months and protects your child during the intense heatwave in the summer. Thus, install energy-efficient windows in your child’s room to reduce their health concerns and ensure indoor safety year-round.

8. Cover all Sockets and Switchboards

Pay attention to any open electric outlets or switchboards if you’re creating a room for a toddler. Children love tugging and pulling away at wires and cables. This risks them to potential electric shocks that could induce severe injuries. Therefore, parents must use safety barriers to block away any switchboards in their child’s room.

The Bottom Line    

Window replacements are one of the most significant features you can install in your child’s room to ensure their safety. They protect children from harmful toxicants and promote their well being naturally.

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