If you live in Florida, the Sunshine State, you must have a love-hate relationship with Florida weather like us. Where you get to enjoy the lovely sunshine throughout the year, you also have to deal with the unpredictable rain and occasional hurricanes.

Every year starting June to November, Florida homeowners have to take safety precautions to protect their home families from hurricane and storm destruction threats. Authorities have created building code requirements that helps mitigate the damage. These codes are mandatory for every homeowner, especially those who live in High-Velocity Hurricane Zones.

According to the NOAA review, due to drastic climate change and greenhouse warming, the US can expect more intense storms and hurricanes in the next few decades. Hurricane proofing your home must be the top priority of every Florida and Alabama homeowner.

Let’s break down the benefits of installing hurricane-resistant windows and how they provide better protection during heavy storms and hurricanes.

How Does Hurricane-Proof Windows Help?

Impact-resistant windows glass panes are made up of two glazed tempered sheets that are bonded together using polyvinyl butyral or PVB. This thick membrane between the glass layers makes hurricane-proof windows durable and long-lasting. The strength of the glass depends on the type, quality, and size of the window.

Compared to a home with a conventional glass window, hurricane-proof windows have laminated glass with superior insulation that makes them energy efficient.

A home without a hurricane window can easily suffer damage during a storm because of the broken window glass shards. It also lets the high wind pressure inside the house that can rip off the roof of the building.

Installing hurricane-proof windows is the easiest way to reduce storm destruction and prevent further damage. Studies have shown that most of the structural damage occurs because the home’s exterior was unable to remain intact during a storm.

Hurricane-Proof Windows

Hurricane windows are made up of PVB that can withstand strong wind pressures without shattering even when they get struck by flying debris. The PVB layer keeps the window glass panes intact, reducing the likelihood of window breaking and letting the storm wind inside your home.

Here are some benefits that a hurricane-proof window can bring to your home during a storm:

Increased Protection

Impact-resistant windows, when properly installed, can secure a building’s structure and make wind or water intrusion difficult. The glass panes of impact windows are tested for missile projectiles, making them extremely safe for residential use.

The impact glass sashes go through different tests by authorities before they’re approved for public use. The window glass and frames are strong enough not to shatter when struck by a flying projectile with a strong force, causing injuries from flying sharp pieces of glass. On the other hand, a home without hurricane-proof windows is vulnerable to flying projectiles and heavy storm wind pressure.

Comfort During Storm

In addition to safety, homes with hurricane-proof windows are also more comfortable during a storm. If your home doesn’t have a hurricane-resistant window, chances are you’re installing hurricane shutters during storms. Hurricane shutters will cover the windows entirely, making the interior dark and disturbing. In the event of a power outage, it will make things more uncomfortable during the storm.

In comparison, homeowners with hurricane-proof windows can benefit from the window’s noise reduction features. The window panes absorb over 60 percent of the disrupting noise from the outside. The thick layer of the glass sealed with PVB layer minimizes the howling winds and thunder or rainfall noise.

Additionally, homeowners with impact windows don’t need to install hurricane shutters, allowing natural light inside the house during a storm. This will provide some state of normalcy and comfort by offering some peace amidst the raging storm.

Storm Preparation

Another benefit that a homeowner with a hurricane-proof window can enjoy is peace of mind. Impact-resistant windows only require to be installed one time. They’re extremely low-maintenance, which means that no last-minute precautions are needed. This will reduce panic and frustration during a storm. You won’t have to worry about your property’s safety if you’re away from home.

Conversely, a home without hurricane-proof windows will need to set up shutters before the storm. The shutters installation takes up to 1–2 hours, depending on the size of the home. Last-minute preparations can increase the likelihood of injuries as a result of panic. You’ll also need to have other protective tools like gloves on hand to install the shutters without any delay.

Additional Benefits of Hurricane-Proof Windows

Impact windows bring a lot of other bonus features that you can benefit from as well. Here are some additional benefits:

UV Protection  

Traditional window glass doesn’t protect your home content and your family from harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer and premature aging. Long-term exposure to UV rays also causes permanent discoloration of hardwood floors and furniture fading, which can cost you a lot of money.

Investing in hurricane-proof windows will keep your home safe from a storm and reduce UV rays exposure all year long.

Insurance Discount

Homeowners with hurricane windows have more chances of having their insurance claim approved. Insurers recognize the impact-resistant window’s effectiveness and offer premium discounts to homeowners who install hurricane-proof windows.

Curb Appeal

Custom impact windows can also improve the curb appeal of your home. Instead of installing heavy shutters on traditional windows, you can get customized window frames according to your taste.

One-Stop Solution To All Your Window/Door Installation Needs

Our hurricane-proof windows are designed to minimize the threat that flying debris, strong winds, and torrential rain pose to your property.

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