A white exterior door

Most modern homeowners like to create a unanimous theme for both the exterior and the interior of their property. Every decorative element plays its part to give your home a touch of elegance. Aside from the furniture, many small aspects can amplify the appeal of your home’s internal space. Interior designers emphasize the importance of choosing doors that complement your home’s overall theme. From the color to the material to the design, everything has to match your home’s architecture and decor. Here are some common types of doors you can install in your home.

1. Paneled Designs

This type of door is widely available in wood and pair well with a variety of architectural designs. Door replacement services of Daphne, Alabama, can suggest many classic or contemporary designs of paneled doors that can beautify your property’s entrance.

2. Glass Designs

The homeowners who like to illuminate their homes with natural light should install glass doors. This type of door comes in many varieties and usually has wooden frames. You can also find glass doors made with metal and use them as a screen door for your backyard.

3. Molded Designs

A flush or molded door comprises a core and an external wooden frame. They are usually available in beige on brown shades and add an element of sophistication to the home interior.

4. Multiple Panel Doors

These doors are commonly known as accordion doors and consist of two or more panels. Homeowners of Alabama prefer using these doors for their closets and other indoor spaces. Door replacement solutions providers can offer you these doors in several colors, including white and beige.

5. French Doors

These doors consist of an upper part fitted with glass panes and a lower wooden structure. They are popularly available in white and add a touch of class to spacious real estate properties. They can be used for interior as well as exterior installation.

A battened braced door

6. Battened Doors

This type of door is made with wood and is commonly used in farmhouses, outhouses, cottages, and barnyards. It gives a rustic look to the property and does not offer longevity.

7. Steel Doors  

The homeowners concerned about their property’s safety should consider installing steel doors on the main entrance. They are amazingly durable and provide and serve as an impenetrable barrier.

8. Fiberglass Doors

If you want to save money on home insulation in Pensacola, FL, you should invest in a fiberglass door. Their sturdy structure makes them resistant to warping and saves you from future door replacement expenses.

So which kind of door do you want for your home? Eco View Windows and Doors can offer you a complete variety of contemporary and elegant door designs in Florida. Our fiberglass doors are widely renowned in Pensacola for their reliable quality expert craftsmanship. Reach out to us today and get our advice for your upcoming door replacement project.