Windows can affect the overall appeal of the building they’re installed in. When designed well (i.e., the right size and style), they improve not only the exteriors of a building but also its interiors.

While there are no rules indicating that the windows in a building must match the exterior and interior doors, there’s still the speculation of whether or not the windows in a residential (or commercial, for that matter) building should have to match in style and size.

By What Degree Should All Windows Match?

Often, homeowners opt for the symmetric approach (i.e., one side is identical to the other) when installing windows on the house’s front. However, they play around with the window patterns on the sides of the house.

There’s no harm in choosing different sizes and styles for the windows, given that they’re designed properly and complement other elements within the building just as much. For example, you could opt for a larger window on the backend of the house to enjoy an expansive view of your beautiful backyard without harming the designs — just add the same muntins or trims on this window that match the other openings in the house. Make it look like they’re cousins, at least, if not sisters.

How to Choose a Window?

The most critical aspect of choosing a window is considering the purpose of the room and the orientation of the sun as well as the winds in your region. If your living room is the largest in the house, it can easily support the biggest window in the house too.

Here are a few other tips for choosing a window:

  1. Always choose a window that reflects the architectural style of the building. For example, a modern home calls for double-hung windows, but only one with muntins can provide an old-style classic appeal.
  2. Select a window as per the amount of ventilation needed. For example, the single-hung window allows for one sash to open fully to allow the air to flor in and out. But with a double-hung window, it’s possible to create a minor recirculating effect for pumping out warm air from one end and bringing in cold air from the other.
  3. Choose a window that appeals to your interiors. As important as it is for the window to be functional, it’s also important for them to be visually appealing. For example, you could choose a single-hung window, rather than a double, in the washroom if you’re concerned about your privacy.

Did you know that replacing windows is considered one of the most crucial home improvements that add value to the home? According to research, opting for vinyl replacement windows guaranteed an 85 percent return on investment! But the question of the hour is:

Have You Met Your Match?

Hear, hear Florida and Alabama homeowners — EcoView Windows brings you the best energy-efficient and impact-resistant windows. All of our windows use vinyl frames, SolarFlect™ Low-E Insulating Glass, and multiple pane glass to minimize heat gain or loss accordingly. Here are the two premium types of windows we manufacture:

1. Single-Hung Windows

A single-hung window slides open vertically on its designated track. However, among the two sashes installed, the upper sash remains stationary, while the lower sash is operable.

A single-hung window has fewer moving parts than a double-hung window, making it slightly more affordable. Because the top sash doesn’t move at all, it allows the window to remain weathertight around the year, making the home less susceptible to leakage or air infiltration.

2. Double-Hung Windows

A double-hung window looks very similar to a single-hung window, except it has two moveable sashes that can be slid up and down, rather than just one. Each of these square or rectangular sashes can be tilted inward, making them easy to clean from inside the house.

These windows are safe for installation in houses with pets and kids as it allows the homeowner to move the top sash of the window, which the tiny hands and little paws can’t reach. However, if you open both sashes, you’ll be able to double the airflow inside of the house.

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