Window grids, also known as muntins or window grills, are decorative separators that visually divide a window into smaller sections. One common question that homeowners ask when renovating their properties is whether to grid their windows or not.

This blog will guide you on what window grids are and how to use them to revamp your property aesthetically.


What Is A Window Grid?

What Is A Window Grid
A window grid is a decorative pattern that divides a big sheet of windowpane into smaller ones using vertical and horizontal bars. A window grid, also known as a grill, sash bar, or muntin, was traditionally invented for savings costs.

It was also easy to manufacture. The glass pane in smaller sizes was safer to export than larger ones, easy to manage, less prone to breakages, and much more affordable than manufacturing large sheets.

As a result, gridded windows were developed and adopted as the standard window style in many countries. Grids can transform a wide-open pane into a dramatic statement by adding that extra touch to match a window or door to an architectural style.


Why Are Window Grids So Hyped?

With the introduction of modern glass-making methods and the development of multi-paned energy-efficient glass, it has become easier for window manufacturers to produce less fragile and larger glass panes that can span a whole window frame.

So, what’s the deal with the grilled windows? It’s all about the aesthetics! The much-loved classic gridded window can easily be the center of attraction. Therefore window manufacturers have to come up with new ways to appeal to customers with various materials, styles, and patterns.

Earlier, cleaning each grid divider and glass pane manually was a task with traditional window grids. But with the latest developments, the grids are sandwiched between the panes of today’s multi-paned windows, keeping the grids dust free and making window cleaning considerably quicker and faster.

Along with the style and visual appeal, the gridded windows also help lower your home’s temperature, keeping it cool.

What Is A Window Grid

Things to Consider Before Selecting Your Grid

Grids add a touch of elegance and style to your windows like no other feature. Manufacturers now offer unique and conventional layouts between the panes, with simulated separators on the glass exterior for a more traditional look, thanks to the multiple window pane technologies of today’s time.

Installing grids in your windows can give them a unique appeal. But, before deciding whether or not to do so, you have to consider a few things.

1. Type of Property

  • Traditional Dwellings

Colonial-styled and conventional Canadian homes have traditional gridded windows, porches, and classical style trim in line with the current design of the property.

  • Modern Contemporary Homes

Non-gridded or minimal gridded windows are used in contemporary architecture to improve interior lighting while obstructing views to the outside.

Minimized gridding with a clean, un-gridded window style gives an excellent modern look to ranch-style homes and bungalows.

2. Grid Patterns

There are only a few conventional patterns with specified names. To set themselves apart from their competitors, window manufacturers frequently invent unique grid names for the same standard grid patterns. Many manufacturers also offer customized grid patterns to match your existing windows.

Colonial and Prairie are the most prevalent window grid patterns. The Colonial-style is ideal for making narrow, tall windows appear wider. Prairie grids can add interest to a window by framing it.

A few common grid patterns include:

  • Colonial
  • Prairie Frame
  • Prairie Glass Hung
  • Traditional Hung
  • Simulated Hung
  • Fractional
  • Diamond
  • Custom Patterns
  • Simulated Divide Hung
  • Simulated Divide

What Is A Window Grid

3. Grid Types

  • Grids Between The Glass (GBG)

These grid dividing systems pieces are placed between glass panes in dual and triple-glazed windows and are among the most popular grill choices. They’re easy to clean and can be colored to match that of the frame of your windows.

  • Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)

Simulated divided lites are grids glued to the inside and outside the window to give a traditional impression of antique wooden separated windowpanes. SDL gives the appearance of actual split lites and adds a touch of history to modern and contemporary homes. Most window manufacturers offer custom-fitted grills for a more realistic look between the glasses.

  • Removable And Detachable Grids

Although not commonly accessible in many areas, detachable grids are a great alternative offered by some window manufacturers. You can customize these to fit your existing windows and apply and remove them whenever you want.


4. Grid Size

Selecting the width of your grid can be difficult. Every manufacturer offers a variety of different sizes, and there’s no standard size. You can consult an architect to know the desired thickness for your grid depending on whether your window is vertical or horizontal. Many manufacturers even customize grids to match the existing windows in your home.

5. Profiles

Grids can be flat, circular, rectangular, or have a protruding edge. You can also mix and match different shapes and designs to customize your design.


Benefits of Adding Grids to Your Windows

1. Repairing Is Simple

One of the most significant advantages of grid windows is that they make repairs much easier and faster. If the seals fail or the glass cracks due to an impact, you can easily replace the panes.

If the glass chips or cracks, grids will prevent it from enlarging and restrict damage from spreading to the remainder of the window.


2. The Aesthetic

Grid windows are great for bringing quick vintage charm to your home’s appearance. These are also compatible with modern architecture and interior design styles.

Grid windows, regardless of design, draw attention to themselves with their distinct appearance and may lend flair to even the most mundane of scenes.

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