The entry door of your house represents you to people in your neighborhood or guests visiting you. Every homeowner wants their house to have an increasing amount of curb appeal. Over time, when you notice wear and tear around your doors, you want to replace them with brand new ones.

Most homeowners are amateurs when it comes to shopping for a door, and they end up making mistakes that they realize when it’s too late. Experts at EcoView have compiled a few mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

Less Energy Efficient

You need to go for cost-effective options. New doors usually come with added energy-efficient features that minimize heat loss and help regulate the HVAC system of your house adequately. The wrong choice of doors can increase your utility bills and make it a lot more expensive than your initial monetary investment.

Wrong Material

You need to consider weather conditions when you choose the material for your door. If your doorway is not covered, it will be subject to harsh weather conditions, whether you like it or not. Sunlight could also be directly reflecting onto your doorway. Living in a hurricane-prone area makes it even more essential for you to have the right kind of door to protect your house. Where vinyl could be a suitable choice for one, steel can be a safer choice for another. It’s best to make a checklist of external factors that your door will be subjected to and then research the market accordingly.

High Maintenance

It’s good to focus on the aesthetics of your house and overall curb appeal, but just because a wooden door looks beautiful doesn’t mean it’ll be easy to maintain. Wooden door frames can warp easily, the paint starts to chip off, and the wood rots over time. You don’t have to invest in high-priced wooden doors just so your house would look beautiful on the outside. You have to take durability into account as well. It’s better to go for low-E glass, vinyl, or fiberglass doors as they’re low maintenance and don’t damage easily.

Insufficient Research

Don’t turn shopping for a door into an impulsive decision. Take your time and do your research beforehand. Just because something is trending doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you. Keeping your budget in mind, make a checklist of things you need to keep in mind while choosing a new door. You don’t want to go to the market and come across infinite options for door frames, material, hardware, panels, and paint.

Door of a house with glass panels in Florida.

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