In the past 90 years, nine major hurricanes have hit Alabama and other Gulf Coast states, including Florida, which have resulted in damage to property, injuries, and loss of life.

While natural disasters such as hurricanes are unavoidable, there are steps you can take to hurricane-proof your home to the best of your ability. Installing hurricane-resistant windows in your home is one of the ideal alternatives to do this.

The Difference Between Regular Doors and Impact-Resistant Doors

Regular Windows

Standard windows have two sides with an insulating filer in the middle, similar to what you’d see on a regular builder’s window. You can get aluminum, wood, or a combination of two to make windows for your home.

These windows have been evaluated and are suitable against specific security threats. However, they’re not strong enough to withstand strong hurricane winds. Strong winds or heavy rains can cause cracks in wood and aluminum, putting the entire structure at risk.

The only advantage of using a conventional window rather than a strong one is that it is less expensive. However, if you don’t have impact-resistant windows, you can end up spending more on damages after a hurricane that could have been possibly avoided if you had them.

Impact Resistant Windows

Impact-resistant windows, unlike standard windows, are built of durable materials that are ideal for Florida’s harsh weather. These windows are subjected to extensive quality and durability testing to ensure that they can survive strong winds and heavy rain.

High-quality fiberglass skins with a polyurethane core are used to make these impact-resistant windows. Their hinges and frames are also made of durable materials that aren’t often seen indoors on other windows or doors.

Types of Impact-Resistant Windows

1. Impact glass windows

Windows with impact glass are also known as glass impact-resistant windows. They’re built of robust frames with laminated glass on top.

The glass is held securely in place against the frame by silicone lamination. Impact-resistant windows are well-known for their ability to defend a home from strong winds and bad weather conditions.

2. Single-hung impact windows

Single-hung impact windows are available in a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, and aluminum. They have two sashes, but only the bottom one may be raised or lowered. It lets hot air escape the home when it slides up, but it conserves heat energy when it slides down.

3. Double-hung impact windows

Impact windows with two moveable sashes are known as double-hung windows. The top sash allows lighter hot air to exit the home, while the one at the bottom allows colder air to enter the house.

Double-hung impact windows give a beautiful aesthetic aspect to the home while also protecting it from the elements.

Benefits of Impact-Resistant Windows

1. Hurricane Protection

The most obvious advantage of hurricane impact windows is that they provide appropriate storm protection. They have a covering of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) to keep the windows from shattering if they are hit by debris.

These windows safeguard you and your family 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The American Architectural Manufacturers Association and the North American Fenestration Standard put them through rigorous testing to verify that they can resist extreme weather conditions.

Windows must pass various tests to be labeled as impact-resistant. Ten projectiles are fired from a cannon at multiple glass spots during the first test. The glass is then hit with a nine-pound piece of lumber to test its strength. High-end machines blow strong gusts on the glass in the second test. If the glass passes the test with flying colors, it is labeled as impact-resistant and is suitable for use in residential windows to be protected from storms and hurricanes.

2. Energy Efficient

Another advantage of hurricane impact windows is that they help you save money on electricity. Summers in Florida can be scorching hot, and you’ll need air conditioning to stay comfortable at that time.

Standard windows let the cold air out rapidly, requiring you to turn on your air conditioners for an extended period, causing your energy bill to increase.

Materials with LoE coatings help create energy-efficient hurricane impact windows. They will assist you in remaining energy efficient all year. They’ll keep the cool air in for longer and prevent hot breezes and humid air from entering your home.

3. Preventing Theft

Whether you like it or not, home burglaries are more common than most people think. One of the most common ways for burglars to access your home is through the windows.

Because impact-resistant windows are nearly impossible to break, they will keep you safe from theft. Intruders will have a difficult time breaking windows without notifying the residents. Impact-resistant windows will protect your property in more ways than one!

Maintenance of Impact-Resistant Windows

1. Get Professionals to Install Your Windows

Professional installation is required for hurricane-proof windows and doors to function properly. Don’t be fooled into thinking that replacing your old windows with hurricane-resistant ones is simple and that you can do it yourself.

Going the DIY approach can cause unnecessary delays and may cost you a lot more money in the long run. Poor installation of these windows and doors can be disastrous, as they will not provide appropriate hurricane protection.

Professionally fitted impact-resistant windows and doors will require less maintenance and will remain in pristine condition for a longer period.

2. Get Your Windows Coated To Prevent Wear And Tear

A unique shield coating and a polyvinyl butyral interlayer are added with high-impact doors and windows. To avoid future damage, get any abrasions, cracks, or scratches repaired as soon as possible.

You must not overlook minor damages because they will not offer you the essential protection during the next hurricane. Ultraviolet rays might potentially enter your home through cracks in the window.

3. Keep the Window Frames Clean

To guarantee that the window and door frames are properly cleaned, you’ll have to go the extra mile. If you allow dust and debris to accumulate for an extended period, the glass may shatter at the edges.

During a hurricane, these little cracks may get larger and cause the entire window or glass door to collapse. After each storm, make sure to thoroughly clean all of your windows and doors to ensure optimal protection.

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