An apartment with a high impact windows in Florida

Florida is a great place to live; from the beautiful beaches to the warm weather and affordability, it has tons to offer. However, like any other state, Florida isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. If you’re a longtime resident, you probably know what living in the South means- weather-wise. Hurricanes are a little too popular in Florida, which is why homeowners go above and beyond to protect themselves and their homes. Whether you’re newly moving into Florida or renovating your home, here’s all you need to know about how weather can affect the windows:

1. Shrinking and Warping

Wooden windows tend to shrink when they’re exposed to extreme temperatures. As the humidity begins to increase, they also start warping or bowing. This is why the material needs to be regularly maintained to preserve its look and function. Other materials like steel are less likely to distort with changing weather, which is why they’re excellent alternatives.

2. Heat Transfer

`There might be some times when you’ll want to seal your home’s interior from the outside or maintain the cooling during hot summer months. Regular windows that aren’t made for heat blockage tend to become an easy escape or entrance for heat. What’s more is that they’re highly susceptible to damage from rain, winds, and debris. These then create openings around your windows which further compounds the issue. Using impact-resistant windows would be ideal as they’re specially designed to prevent air transfer and protect you from the elements.

A home with a high impact windows in Florida

3. Hardware Damage

Did you know that temperature changes and increased humidity could also damage your window’s hardware? Yes, that’s right. It deteriorates the window or distorts its shape. This affects the way the latches function. You will then need to regularly apply grease to ensure it works well.

Choose Impact Resistant Windows to Spruce up Your Space

Impact windows offer an extra layer of protection against several things, from debris during a hurricane to burglar break-ins. Adding impact-resistant windows to your home will give you peace of mind. At EcoView Windows and Doors, we provide some of the best door replacement solutions in Florida.

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