Gone are the days when exterior doors were only used to provide privacy. Over the years, exterior doors have become much more than just entry points. Today, homeowners consider various factors when looking for door replacement options to find the right exterior door.

Not only is your front door the first thing an onlooker will notice about your home, but it’s also your first line of defense against nature. For people living in Pensacola, Florida, finding the right exterior door is essential for protection against rain, heat, humidity, and heavy wind.

So, whether you’re renovating your home or building a new one, you should know the different materials available. This will ensure that your new door is worth every penny and lasts long enough for you to get the value for money.

First, let’s look at different types of exterior doors that American homeowners prefer.

Types of Exterior Doors

Some of the most popular exterior door types include:

French Doors

Traditional French doors are presumably the most common entry door style across the U.S. These were first conceptualized by French artists in the 17th century and were brought to the United States by immigrants. Today, most homeowners install French doors to benefit from their functionality and style statement.

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors aren’t very common in urban areas but remain a popular entry door choice for countryside homes. Homeowners install Dutch steel doors in Florida to benefit from its practicality.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are a huge part of a home’s interior.  They’re also commonly used as entry doors in modern architecture, as homeowners experiment with different types of exterior doors.

Best Material for Exterior Door

If you’re looking for door replacement solutions in Florida, here are four of the most popular materials for entry doors.

Wooden Doors

Wood is perhaps the oldest door material known to humanity. Wooden doors are available in various colors and sizes and have vast customization options. However, the high price range of wooden doors and less effective insulation properties make them the least favorite choice for modern homes. Over the years, wooden doors have been largely replaced by fiberglass doors.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are becoming increasingly popular all over the U.S. They can be customized to achieve a finishing similar to wooden doors. At the same time, fiberglass doors are less expensive, offer durability, and have greater insulation capacities.

Steel Doors

The sturdiest of all door materials, steel doors are a popular exterior door choice among homeowners. Offering unmatched security, durability, and low maintenance, steel doors are used by a vast majority of U.S. homeowners. Furthermore, steel doors also have a higher insulation value, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Glass Doors

Glass doors are also popularly used as exterior doors. They’re aesthetically pleasing and help maximize the usage of natural light in the house. Glass doors are especially popular among homeowners looking to create a modern interior with natural lighting. However, the high cost, privacy issues, and fragility of glass doors make them unsuitable for certain home designs.

If you’re looking to install glass inserts in steel doors, you can opt to do that by making a steel or fiberglass frame for the entry door and using glass panels.

How to Find the Best Exterior Door Material?

Here are some ways you can find the best exterior door material for your home:

Research Online

Before you start shopping for doors, it’s best to go online and look for the best door material according to your home’s needs.

Get Expert Advice

Having done your research, make sure you get in touch with a reliable door replacement service in Florida for a free consultation visit. Seeking professional advice is crucial before investing in new exterior doors.

The Selection Criteria

Find the right door option based on these parameters:


Homeowners looking to renovate or build a house cannot overlook the budget constraints. If you don’t have budget restrictions, then you can opt for wooden doors as those are the most costly option in the market, after all-glass doors. However, wooden doors aren’t recommended due to the various properties of wood discussed above.

Your next choice is to opt for fiberglass doors to achieve a wood-like look with lower prices and higher efficiency. Lastly, if you want the most affordable option and the highest durability, choose steel doors.


Next, consider the maintenance and repair of entry doors. Since entry doors are at the front of your house, they face the wrath of extreme weather. Amongst the door materials mentioned in this blog, wood is most prone to chipping and wear and trap. It can also bulge due to trapped moisture and may need a replacement solution sooner than you’d like.

On the other hand, fiberglass requires the least maintenance as it can go years with a simple cleaning. Steel is also a low-maintenance and durable option.

Security and Privacy

Exterior doors’ first and foremost job is to provide security and privacy to homeowners. When you gauge door materials on the basis of security, steel doors come at the top. Not only are steel doors unbreakable they are also strong against attempts of penetration. Fiberglass and wooden doors are both susceptible to a break-in by forced entry.


Modern homes require homeowners to make energy-efficient choices. Therefore, energy-efficient windows, fiberglass doors, and steel doors are becoming increasingly popular. Due to the higher R-rating, these materials are ideal for energy-efficient door solutions.

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