Impact-resistant windows play an integral role in preventing damage during hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions. Many Floridians are familiar with the long trail of damage they have to deal with after a hurricane or storm in the area, which is why they invest in impact-resistant windows to minimize the damage as much as possible. However, some homeowners still don’t understand the importance of impact-resistant windows, primarily because they don’t know how they work.

Impact-resistant windows are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions compared to standard glass windows, enhancing overall safety. The glass installed in such windows – typically known as a hurricane or laminated glass – is much stronger than the standard window glass. The glass in impact-resistant windows is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and years of exposure to sunlight, dust, and debris. In addition to safeguarding against hurricanes and flying debris, impact-resistant windows also offer noise insulation, protection against UV rays, and improved home security.

Impact-resistant windows are usually preferred by homeowners living in coastal areas like Florida as they are at a higher risk of extreme weather conditions. Additionally, many state and building codes require homeowners and residents to install impact-resistant windows to ensure protection against hurricanes and minimize the consequential damage. The installation of such windows and doors has been made obligatory by the government in response to the increased frequency of storms and hurricanes in the area.

Despite the various benefits of impact-resistant windows, many people still struggle to understand the difference between impact-resistant windows and standard glass windows. This article will highlight the important aspects of impact-resistant windows, including their benefits, functionality, and maintenance, among others.

How Do Impact Resistant Windows Work?

It’s difficult to tell the difference between the standard glass window and impact-resistant windows by simply looking at them. In usual conditions, both work just fine. However, it’s during ferocious storms or hurricanes that impact-resistant windows really prove their worth and make a difference. Many people will be surprised to know that impact-resistant windows don’t use any fancy technology to perform. Instead, they rely on simple physics.

When there is a storm, the atmospheric pressure outside increases, but the pressure inside the home remains the same as the windows and doors are closed. The stronger the hurricane or storm, the more pressure buildup there is. Contrary to popular opinion, increased atmospheric pressure is one of the most dangerous consequences of a storm or hurricane. A simple broken window is enough to experience the extent of the damage it can cause. Due to the strong winds, airborne debris can easily break a standard glass window. The windows will shatter, resulting in significant damage. The high air pressure builds up outside enter the home and causes extreme destruction to the property.

However, impact-resistant windows are built to withstand such conditions and will not break no matter how strong the winds are. This means they are immune to any kind of impact or external force. Hence, they ensure the safety of life and property.

Impact-resistant windows combine a heavy-duty frame with impact-resistant laminated glass. They undergo a special silicone glazing process to ensure the glass doesn’t break away from the frame. Impact-resistant glass comprises two panes of glass bonded together with a strong yet flexible layer of polymer in between.

Even if wind-borne debris breaks or cracks the glass, the polymer layer keeps the window intact, ensuring the home stays safe from destruction due to strong winds. Therefore, replacing standard glass windows with impact-resistant windows will help achieve energy efficiency and safety of the property.

Benefits of Impact Resistant Windows

Protection Against Extreme Weather Conditions

This is perhaps the driving force behind the design of impact-resistant windows. In the wake of the trail of damage left behind by the hurricanes and storms, impact-resistant windows were created to minimize the damage. As mentioned above, the strong debris-borne winds can cause extreme damage to homes if they get in through aba broken window, possibly lifting the roof or impacting the home’s structural integrity.

The impact-resistant glass combined with strong frames enhances the overall strength, durability, and integrity of the impact-resistant windows. If the glass breaks, the laminated sheets in between hold the glass together.

Reduced Outdoor Noise

Another important benefit of impact-resistant windows is noise cancellation. As impact-resistant windows are thick and strong, they reduce the outdoor noise coming into the home, ensuring peace and minimizing disturbances during the day and night. Whether it’s the barking dogs or the neighbor’s lawnmower, homeowners won’t have to worry about them at all.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Impact-resistant windows comprise two or three layers, which means they are energy efficient and prevent hot and cold air from escaping into the atmosphere or coming in from outside. This drastically reduced heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer. Also, you save energy rather than waste it, which is responsible and sustainable behavior.

Improved Home Security

Windows and doors are the most likely entry points for burglars and intruders. This puts the home at high risk of robberies, not if there are impact-resistant windows though. The glass is much stronger than standard windows, and they are hard to break or crack. Plus, the frame enhances the overall strength of the windows, making it impossible for any outsiders to break in easily.

Impact-resistant means these windows are resistant to all kinds of impacts, including breaks using other tools as well.

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