The emergency departments of US hospitals annually report about 3,300 cases of injuries of children under the age of 18 resulting from window falls. A majority of these are toddlers who fall against window screens. About one-fourth of these children are likely to experience a permanent disability or serious head injury due to falling from an open window.

Who is to Be Blamed for the Accidents

Contrary to popular belief that the root cause of such incidents is parental negligence, in reality, most of these accidents occur while the parents were observing adequate and appropriate supervision. The real reason is that window screens cannot bear a child’s weight; when added pressure is exerted upon them, they simply pop out.

While it’s true that children shouldn’t be left unsupervised at home, there are times when children approach the window so quickly that the guardians barely have time to react. For this reason, baby-proofing all windows around the house is a necessary undertaking for parents.

How to Child Proof a Window

Here are baby-proofing tactics you can apply to your windows to ensure your child remains safe at all times:

1. Keep Furniture Away from the Windows

First things first, you must remove all furniture situated near the windows in your house to discourage your child from climbing on it to reach a window. As for lowered windows, you should add padding to the window sills to prevent ‘bumped heads’.

2. Educate Your Child Regarding Window Safety

If your child is older, educate them regarding the dangers of jumping or climbing out of the window. Gently discipline your child to correct any unsafe behavioral patterns; this can be done by explaining the consequences of being involved in such an activity or briefing them regarding what activities may be considered safe or unsafe near the window.

3. Install Window Guards   

You can install a guard within the window frame to limit its opening; this is a crucial step for homes situated on the second story or above.

Window guards are the bars that run across the window to prevent children from falling through. It’s best to integrate a window guard vertically to keep your child from using it as a ladder. This way, your toddler can’t access the window because of the guards, but you still can in an emergency.

4. Stop It with a Baby-Proof Window Stop

As recommended, parents must refrain from opening a window more than four inches. A window stop is a device that restricts the movement of the window, making it impossible to extend beyond a particular point (typically 10 centimeters). This is a win-win solution; your child can’t fall out of the window from such a narrow space, and you get to allow fresh air to seep through the opening for more ventilation.

5. Incorporate Child Proof Locks

One of the easiest yet most effective options to stop all accidents is to lock the window. The newer models of windows have a built-in feature of locks that can only be opened with keys. The locked windows give parents more peace and comfort when the child is left unattended.

As for older models, there are also external locks that can be placed to restrict the movement of the window.

To Choose a Single or Double-Hung Window?

The primary difference between single-hung windows and double-hung windows is how they operate. Single-hung windows have only one movable sash: the lower one, whereas both sashes are operable for a double-hung window (i.e., upper and lower).

A double-hung window is largely preferred in homes with children or pets as the lower operable sash of the single-hung window compromises safety. You can operate a double-hung window by fully pulling down the top sash and treating the lower sash as the stationary one. Because of being at a height, this method discourages children from peeping out or accidentally falling.

However, single-hung windows aren’t so bad either. You can install a window screen, in addition to window guards, over the window. In case of an accident, these prevent injury from broken glass since the screen keeps the glass from shattering.

Allow Your Safe Haven to Become Safer with Services from EcoView-WDS

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The Mechanism of EcoView Windows

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