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Florida has yet to recover from the damages caused by Hurricane Irma in 2017. Hurricanes cause long-term damage that impacts people’s lives in the area forever.

The state imposed mandatory building codes in Florida in 1992 to reduce property damage. These guidelines ensure that people stormproof their homes to reduce repair costs in the future. These upgrades may cost a few thousand dollars; however, it’s an investment that will lessen damage repair costs.

Here’s how you can build a resilient home that can withstand extreme weather conditions:

Elevation of Properties

If your area is prone to storms and hurricanes, you should expect a water surge during a storm. Raising the electrical, telecommunications, and HVAC systems above the flood level is vital.

Ideally, you should design the house’s structure such that it’s 12–28 feet above the ground and out of harm’s way.

Hurricane Shutters

During extreme weather, a broken window in the home’s interior can cause a lot of damage to people inside. The storm’s wrath can easily be inflicted on the home’s interior content, increasing the repair cost.

Homeowners in such areas must consider installing hurricane shutters. Getting high-quality shutters will be a valuable investment. Many insurance companies in Florida are offering a discount on hurricane shutters to homeowners.

Solid Construction Materials

The material that makes up your home is critical for protection against storms. Buildings made of concrete are more resilient than other homes made out of wood or other materials.

Your home must have resilient walls made out of concrete that will withstand the strong wind. The material you choose should also dry off easily after being exposed to rain or moisture. It will prevent the growth of mold or mildew that can lead to structural damage in the future. Mold has many long-lasting health risks.

Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

Storms often affect the exterior of the home. Having impact-resistant windows and doors will keep your building safe when a storm strikes.

Impact-resistant double-hung windows and doors are used by AAMA and NAFS for missile projects. High-quality windows and doors can protect your home against high degrees of win pressure. They’re also laminated and flexible, so the glass withstands storm and harsh weather.

Impact-resistant energy-efficient windows and steel doors are also equipped with tight seals and double panes that make them more durable and sturdy.

Secure the Building Openings

Protecting the building from dust and debris is essential to reduce damage repair costs after the storm. You can use plywood panels and sandbags as a cost-effective way to resist the wind and debris breaking into your home.

Impact-resistant steel door in FL

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