For the people living in areas where hurricanes and storms are prevalent, impact windows are a must. Strong winds can carry huge objects and can hurl them at windows. This can break window glass, opening your home up to more damage.

To avoid all this you need to have hurricane impact-resistant windows installed in your home. They are safe and can withstand the wind pressure of a category 5 storm.

wooden frame window with a view of a city

Not all impact-resistant windows are made the same. Choose high-quality windows so they can provide maximum protection.

Impact-Resistant Windows

Impact-resistant windows are made of laminated glass with a sturdy frame. When making impact glass, a strong inner core is bonded to the outer two sheets, which is then glazed to make glass strong enough to withstand pressure.

It can bear winds of up to 200 mph.

The Right Way to Choose Impact Windows

Consider factors like quality, style, and design, the same as choosing any other window.

Impact-Resistant Window Styles

These are available in many styles like sliding, single, double-hung, and many more. Choose one that will fit the architectural style of your home and will complement other features of your house.

Apart from aesthetic appeal, also make sure that the window is functioning according to your preferences. For example, casement windows are preferred for the elderly over single and double-hung windows, because they are easy to open and close.

Choose a Reliable Window Provider

Impact-resistant windows are available in different qualities. Choose a window provider and installer who has good reviews and install good quality windows.

There are a few things to consider before booking a contractor:

  • Ask someone for a referral who has replaced their windows recently.
  • Make sure your window provider has a valid license.
  • Check for their reviews online.

a wooden window affected by strong winds

The Features of Impact-Resistant Windows

Impact-resistant windows can have different added features to improve their performance. You should discuss this with your window provider beforehand.

There are energy-efficient impact-resistant windows, that can help you cut costs on heating and cooling bills by maintaining the temperature inside your home.

Other features are e-coating and tinted windows. These can protect your home’s furniture and flooring from sun damage.

If you live in regions like Florida, which are under the threat of hurricanes, you should install impact-resistant windows for safety and protection. EcoView is a leading provider of hurricane impact-resistant single-hung and double-hung windows.

We provide our expert services in Pensacola, FL, and Daphne, AL. Contact us to get a free quote.