There’s more to windows than ventilation, energy efficiency, and usability. While installing a window, you should also consider the architectural style of your home. Installing the wrong window design can reduce your curb appeal.

At Ecoview Doors and Windows, we can customize your window to match your house. Here are some window styles that will help amp up the architecture of your home:

Modern Homes

Oversized windows with operable panels are more suitable for contemporary and modern home architecture. The oversize and minimal fiberglass windows can magnify the view and keep the windows energy efficient.

To enhance the boldness and simplicity of your home’s architecture, you should opt for vinyl or fiberglass frames. It’ll further bring a sense of openness to your space.

If you opt for double-hung windows, it will keep the interior of your home well-ventilated. Large double-hung windows make the interior seem more spacious. They’re also a practical and high-functional design for modern homes with an affordable installation cost.

Traditional Homes

To boost the beauty of your traditional architectural home, you can consider casement windows. They’re classic and long-lasting. Casement windows have double operable panels that make the house’s cleaning and maintenance easier. This type of window is perfect for locations that are difficult to reach, e.g., over your kitchen sink.

You may install several casement windows to achieve that classic and traditional look. There are many sizes, colors, and design options that you can choose from.

Classic Victorian Style

The recommended window style for this architectural style would be double-hung windows. These windows will accentuate your house’s architecture and bring more light and ventilation.

You can opt for different sash heights or install inward or outward tilt double-hung windows to make cleaning and maintenance easier.

Contemporary Coastal

Contemporary coastal are analogous to Florida beach homes. If you want to stick to fewer pieces and keep things minimal, you can opt for single or double-hung windows and awning windows.

Double and single-hung windows are especially recommended for families with kids. These windows are perfect for preventing young ones from climbing out. They’re also easy to maintain and highly affordable. Additionally, they maximize ventilation and keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

Awning windows that tilt outward are perfect for rainy weather. Awning windows can make a real difference to the contemporary coastal architecture of your home. There are a lot of colors, frame material, and designs available that you can choose to make your contemporary beach home stand out for open spaces and simplicity.

Glass windows and doors

At Ecoview Windows and Doors, we provide high-quality door and window solutions. As one of the leading replacement home windows providers in FL, we provide our clients with quality impact-resistant and energy-efficient windows and doors.

Whether you want to install single-hung windows, double-hung windows, or vinyl frames windows; you can count on our services.

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