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If you live in Florida, you would likely have hurricane windows and doors installed in your home or commercial space. However, installing high-impact windows and doors for hurricane protection is just starting. You need to have a proper maintenance routine to last long. Also, make sure that you get your windows and doors replaced by a professional replacement home windows provider in Florida.

A quality window and door that are impact-resistant will protect your home from strong hurricane winds that travel more than 100Mph. Consider these windows and doors as an investment that will bear you fruits in the hurricane season. Here are some tips for maintaining your hurricane glass windows and doors.

Get Experienced Professionals to Install the Door and Window System


Hurricane-proof windows and doors will only work well if professionals install them. Don’t fall for the idea that it is easy to replace your old windows with hurricane-proof ones, and you can do it yourself. Going down the DIY route will cause unnecessary delays and may end up costing you a lot more money. Poor installation of these windows and doors can be catastrophic as they won’t provide you with adequate protection from hurricane winds.

You’d have spent a considerable amount of money in buying these windows and doors, and the last thing you’d want is an improper installation. Therefore, always consult professionals to install these windows. Impact-resistant windows and doors installed professionally will require less maintenance and will remain in pristine condition with minimal care.

Wear and Tear in The Coating

High-impact doors and windows come with a special shield coating and a polyvinyl butyral interlayer. The coating is responsible for the strength of the windows and keeps unwanted objects hurled by the hurricane from breaking the glass. After the hurricane season, you need to inspect the coating on the windows and doors to look for any wear and tear. Get any abrasions, cracks, or scratches fixed immediately to avoid further damage

Don’t ignore the small damages as they won’t provide you with the necessary protection during the next hurricane. Cracks in the window can also let harmful ultra-violet rays enter your home.

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Remove Any Dirt and Debris from The Frame

Strong hurricane winds can lead to a lot of dust and debris accumulating in your window or door frame. You can remove any dust piled up with normal water and soap, but it won’t clean the debris and dirt that may be trapped in the frame. You’d need to go the extra mile to ensure the proper cleaning of the window and door frames.

If you leave the dust and debris to accumulate over a long period, it may cause the glass to crack at the edges. These small cracks may expand over time and cause the entire window or glass door to collapse during a hurricane. Ensure you properly clean all your windows and doors after every hurricane to ensure maximum protection for the next one.

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