If you’re living in Florida or any other coastal state where hurricanes hit often, you must’ve already replaced your windows with hurricane impact windows (if you still haven’t, get them from EcoView Windows & Doors). These windows protect residents from winds, debris, rain, and other weather conditions.

Hurricane windows come with vinyl frames; they give your home a fresh look while offering protection and safety. They are also energy-efficient, helping you save on electricity bills. Sometimes they may look boring, but good décor can add life to them.

Windows are the soul of a house; they can make your home look beautiful. Here are some great ideas that can make your windows stand out:

Add Molding to Window Frames

Although these windows come with their own frames, you can add molding to create a unique look. People who feel that vinyl frames don’t add the same charm to the house or look odd with the overall design can add molding for a quick solution. It adds oomph to the windows without disrupting their architecture, and it doesn’t take much effort.

Molding is installed around the frame to add new shapes, textures, and styles to your windows. You can choose to add in inside or outside, all the way around, or at the top or bottom. They also come in various colors, so you can add an accent color to your windows to make them pop and match your home’s aesthetic.

Get Creative with Window Boxes

Window boxes are mainly used for gardening, but you can add them to create a nice cozy vibe. If you love plants, that’s even better! Grow small plants and flowers that are easy to maintain in these boxes. They will keep your home smelling nice and fresh, and you can easily water them.

If you don’t want to use them for gardening, add non-plant alternatives to enhance the windows’ look. You can add garden pinwheels, decorative stones, artificial plants, solar lights, etc. These boxes are quite diverse and also offer many designs to choose from. Some of them are:

  • Wicker window basket
  • Light metal window box
  • Solid wooden box

Bring Back Louvered Shutters

Louvered shutters went out of style, but now they’re back in fashion. Besides adding an excellent appeal, they offer multiple benefits to the house. Unlike other window coverings, they reduce the sunlight while keeping the home bright, maintaining ventilation, and offering unrestricted views.

Add Window Heads and Arches

Window heads and arches are traditional moldings that protect your windows and add decorative elements. Primarily window heads are added to act as rain catchers or direct anything that falls away from the glass, but they are available in many designs that give an oomph to your windows. Arches add a rounded shape above the windows, creating elegant accents. These elements allow you to change the shape of your window without changing the window itself.

Add Exterior Shutters

Traditionally, people add blinds and curtains to their window interior to control lighting, but exterior shutters can do the job and add a new dimension to it. They can be chosen to complement the exterior design and give it a distinct look. Also, you can choose from functional and decorative shutters. Most homeowners add purely decorative exterior shutters to give it a new look without blocking the light.

Use Sheers for a Softer Look

Sheers work the same as blinds, but they are on the thinner side and quite popular these days. Even if you have old windows, adding sheers can give them a modern and stylish look. They also change the lighting inside your room, adding lovely faded hues.

How you add sheers also says a lot about the house. Vertical sheers add power and authority to the house, whereas horizontal sheers add tranquility and stability.

Matching Drapes for Front-Facing Windows

While adding drapes or sheers to your front-facing windows, ensure they match throughout the home. You also need to consider how your drapes will look from outside the house; using different colors may affect your home’s appeal. That’s why most modern homes opt for white drapes throughout the home.

Layer Multiple Window Treatments

Layering multiple window treatments will transform the hurricane windows and the interior of your home. They look aesthetically appealing, control the front-facing look, and you also get to control the light, ventilation, and privacy in your rooms.

One common trend is to layer solid-colored or printed curtains with white sheets. Curtains are more rigid and textured while drapes loosely hang around the windows; together, they give character to your interior.

Play With Colors in the Bedding

Besides adding drapes, playing with bedding colors can make your windows stand out. Choose different prints, textures, and colors that complement and contrast the windows.

Build A Display

If you have a sill around your window, don’t waste it by putting random things over it. You can build an excellent display that’ll look good inside out. The design of this display entirely depends on your preference. Use your creativity and add things you love like vases, books, candles, plants, or other decorative elements.

Do A Thorough Cleaning

If you feel that your windows don’t stand out or sparkle as they should, they need deep cleaning. It goes without saying that cleaning is essential for every part of your house. Many homeowners don’t clean their windows thoroughly, so they start deteriorating quicker than usual.

You may not notice a thin layer of dirt, but it can affect the environment of your house. Unclean windows also reflect dim light inside the house and make the exterior look dull. Ensure you clean your windows thoroughly from the inside out.

Replace Your Windows

if your windows are old and rusty, they can affect your home’s curb appeal. Even if you install various decorative elements, it’ll still look untidy. So it’ll be best to replace them; you can get modern impact-resistant, energy-efficient windows that will keep you safe from weather conditions.


Whether you’re looking for single-hung windows or double-hung, you can check EcoView Windows & Doors. We offer windows and doors replacements to homeowners in Florida and Alabama. You can reach out to us for a free quote or explore our website to check our work.