Do you know that a hurricane can have a devastating impact on your house? Hurricane winds are quite powerful and can even rip houses apart! Even minor-level hurricanes can damage home exteriors as well as interiors. Therefore, protecting your house, family, and the interior from an intense hurricane should be your priority if you live in a hurricane prone region.

From installing steel doors and vinyl frame windows to trimming trees, here are some methods that can help you protect your house from a hurricane.

Trim Tall Trees and Branches

Tall, unkempt trees with long branches can be a considerable threat to your property, especially during a hurricane. These branches and trees can fall on houses and even people, resulting in significant damage. Therefore, it’s necessary to maintain the trees around your property regularly.

Even if you don’t do that all around the year, we recommend chopping down the large branches whenever your area has a hurricane warning. Besides trimming the top branches, you can also remove trees entirely if you’re worried about their impact on your house during a hurricane.

Secure Your Roof

A hurricane has the potential to blow away roofs, wholly or partially. This allows wind, rainwater, and other debris to get inside the house and damage your home’s interior. It also puts the residents at risk. Therefore, securing or strapping down your roof before the hurricane season is crucial.

But how can you secure your roof? The best way to minimize this possibility is by using hurricane straps and clips. These straps and clips hold down your roof and fasten it to your home’s walls, helping it survive the intense wind and rain.

Consider Outdoor Furniture

Do you have a car in the garage? Do you have pool, deck, or patio furniture outdoors? These are valuable items, but they can quickly become a threat during a hurricane. Strong winds can lift these items and direct them at your house, damaging your property’s exterior and interior. Therefore, before a hurricane hits your town, bring as many outdoor items inside as possible.

However, we understand that some items like your vehicle, pool chairs, and lawn mower are too large to bring inside. In this case, we recommend renting out safe storage space for such things. You can also transport valuable items to another town that the hurricane isn’t expected to hit. Keeping all the valuable items outside and inside your house safe should be a part of your hurricane-protection strategy. If your basement is waterproof, you can also transfer some things there to keep them safe. However, if it isn’t, and water can get inside your basement, opt for the storage space strategy.

In addition, you also need to secure you pool equipment. Completely power off your pool equipment like heaters, lightings, and pumps. Refrain from draining or covering the pool, as the hydrostatic pressure beneath the empty pool can cause major damage.

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters have leaves and debris, which prevent water from going inside the gutters. These blocked gutters can overflow during a hurricane, sending water into your basement or even inside your rooms through windows or roofs.

Therefore, cleaning your gutter and removing excessive debris are necessary after a hurricane warning. In addition, you should also clean your drains and spouts to ensure that the water falling on your roof slides down and falls on the ground instead of accumulating on the roof and damaging it.

Check the Foundation of Your House

Another critical step that many people ignore before a hurricane is checking the foundation of their houses. If your foundation has any cracks, a hurricane can make things worse! A hurricane can cause significant damage to your house’s structure if the foundation is already weak, cracked, or damaged.

Therefore, you can try some DIY patches or call a professional for maintenance and repair. Remember, a strong foundation and structure can keep your house and its residents safe.

Review Your Insurance Policy

Do you know that the homeowner’s insurance policy covers the damage from natural incidents like thunder and rainstorms? Therefore, we suggest you review and upgrade your insurance policy before the hurricane hits your house.

If you don’t have homeowner’s insurance, get it as soon as possible. In case of the strong rain and wind damaging your house, your insurance claims can easily cover up most of the damage, making the situation easier for you.

Fix the Tiles and Shingles on Your Roof

How often have you witnessed tiles and shingles flying off roofs and hitting things in a hurricane? To ensure this doesn’t happen, you should conduct an in-depth roof inspection session.

Go through your roof and inspect every tile and shingle to ensure that it’s secure. In addition, you should also look for any possible cracks that can increase damage during a hurricane. If you see damaged shingles, missing tiles, or cracks, fix them as soon as possible.

Install Hurricane-Resistant Doors and Windows

Your main goal is to ensure that the water and rain don’t enter your house. Most doors and windows have cracks and side slips, allowing water and wind to come inside.

In addition, they are also weaker, which means that the doors can blow off, and the windows can shatter. Therefore, we recommend changing doors and windows before a hurricane and replacing them with more robust options to protect your house.

Get Fiberglass Doors in Pensacola

With steel doors and vinyl frame windows, your house will be hurricane-resistant. At EcoView Windows and Doors, our replacement home windows provider in FL installs impact glass windows that don’t break easily.

Moreover, we also install fiberglass doors that protect your house from heavy rainfall and intense winds. Get in touch with us and get suitable doors and windows before a hurricane hits!