Many people don’t put too much thought into installing doors and windows. Doors are one element of our home that are often taken for granted. However, they play a vital role in providing security against external threats and support when a hurricane hits.

While a normal wooden door may work fine, if you’re living in Florida, impact fiberglass doors are necessary to protect your family and your home in a storm.

Let’s discuss impact-resistant doors and why they’re better than average doors for Florida and Alabama homeowners.

Impact-Resistant Doors

Impact-resistant doors are made to withstand strong winds and projectiles. Instead of installing bulky shutters that stay on the door all year long, you can now easily install impact doors that are weatherproof and keeps your home secure.

Here are a few different types of impact doors that you can choose from:

· Patio Door Styles

This is one of the most popular impact-resistant door types. Just because you’re opting for impact doors doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style and aesthetics.

You can pick a wide range of options for the door, such as fiberglass, vinyl, and steel doors. Fiberglass doors are the most popular if you’re choosing impact doors.

· French Doors

Another common door style that Florida and Alabama homeowners choose is French or patio-hinged doors. If your home design is contemporary and modern, French impact doors are a better option for you. This way, you’ll be able to keep your home secure and also enhance your curb appeal.

You can choose steel, wooden, or fiberglass door material for this style. However, we’ll recommend fiberglass material for French doors.

· Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass impact doors

If you want to opt for a classic or minimal look, sliding glass doors are the way to go. Sliding doors are also great for creating a minimal and traditional look. You can choose a sliding glass door for patios or backyards.

You can either choose steel or fiberglass material for your home’s impact sliding glass door.

· Multi-Slide Doors

To make a bold and intriguing statement for your home, you can opt for multi-slide doors. You can choose up to vinyl, wood, or fiberglass panels for your multi-slide door material.

Impact Vs. Average Doors

If you’re in Florida, you must meet the guidelines set by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation as a residential building code to install hurricane-resistant windows and doors. According to this requirement, all building owners should install impact entry and patio doors.

Average standard doors are mainly made up of wood, PVC, or a combination of them with aluminum. Under ordinary conditions, standard doors can do the job, but living in a state where the weather is unpredictable and security can be a major issue.

· Cost and Maintenance

The cost and maintenance of new impact-resistant doors are relatively two times higher than average doors. However, the cost of installation is almost the same.

Comparing the features, average doors will cost more after a hurricane or storm due to repair costs. Furthermore, standard doors require yearly retouch and painting, while impact-resistant doors don’t have additional costs after installation due to sturdy exterior and features.

With average doors, you’ll need to install heavy hurricane shutters. In the long run, impact doors’ benefits outweigh standard doors, and the costs are also lower.

Impact doors can save a lot of money in other ways as well. A laminated glass door can keep up to 99% of the UV rays from entering your space. This way, you can enjoy natural sunlight without the risk of damaging hardwood floors, furniture, and other valuables.

· Security and Protection

Standard wooden door with hurricane shutters

When it comes to impact doors, they can be easily broken. On the other hand, the extra laminated layer of glass panels of impact doors can more effectively prevent break-ins, thereby deterring burglars.

In hurricane season, impact doors can withstand the extreme pressure of the wind, and they won’t break if struck by flying debris. The glass panes are durable and laminated, keeping your home safe from any damage.

· Appearance

When it comes to appearance, chances are you may find standard doors’ appearance better than impact doors. However, living in Florida, you’ll have to install heavy hurricane shutters to protect your home.

On the other hand, you can find stylish impact doors and customize the color, size, design, and style to your liking to improve your home’s curb appeal. A reputable company will ensure that impact doors are hurricane-safe and that you also don’t have to sacrifice your aesthetics.

· Insurance Coverage

Impact doors are effective against hurricanes and storms; therefore, many insurance companies provide a premium discount to homeowners for installing impact doors and windows.

Additionally, to ensure that your insurance claims for hurricane damage repair costs are approved, you’ll have to prove that your doors were installed professionally and were hurricane-resistant.

Additional Features of Impact Doors

· Noise

If you live near a highway or in a busy neighborhood where you have to bear loud and disrupting noise, impact doors can be a life-saver for you.

Impact doors have excellent noise-canceling features in addition to protecting against storms.

· Burglary Threat

Since impact doors are strong enough to withstand hurricanes and storms, they protect your home against break-ins.

Impact doors are designed with multi-layers of tempered glass that makes them shatterproof. This makes it very difficult for burglars or thieves to break in.

Hurricane-impact door in AL

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