Florida is a bright sunny place, referred to as ‘Sunshine State.’ Living in a house that doesn’t let sunlight inside is a waste of nature’s gift. There are many advantages of letting sunlight inside your house, including getting a clear view and brighter appearance to the interior, saving energy, and many health benefits.

Glass doors and windows invite the sunlight into your home. Glass is the crucial element here; the glass you use should be weatherproof and impact-resistant to provide insulation (energy-efficiency) and protection from extreme weather conditions. With sunlight coming into your house, you will notice the difference in the space view and electric bills.

Here is a list of a few doors and window styles that can channel the Florida sun into your home:

1. French Doors

French doors are double-sided doors with glass panels to let the sunlight come to your home. French doors are typically designated to counterpart the house’s windows, as they are mostly mounted next to each other. The type of glass used in French doors has unique noise-reducing properties, is energy efficient, and is extra secure against break-in.

2. Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are doors with a wooden or steel frame to complete the glass structure. They have two panels, one slide open while the other remains static. The large glass area allows the sunlight to come through in excess amount and light up the space.

The door can also be opened at night to let the fresh air of Florida come in without damaging or shutting the door. These doors are not used as exterior doors but as entryways onto balconies and patios.

3. Bay Windows

Large life-size windows in kitchens or living rooms eliminate the need for light bulbs in the daytime. If you have a beautiful garden, backyard, or outside view, these are excellent to add an alluring view to your house.

Bay windows stick out from the exterior wall and produce a small shelf in the house. It is a flat window formed on an angled frame constructed out of the home.

4. Glass Block Windows

These windows are installed to let the light in while obstructing the view, like the bathroom, basement, etc. They are made with translucent glass that blocks the outside view but lets the light pass.

5. Hopper and Skylight Windows

If your house has a limited window space, these windows can save the day. Hopper windows are small windows mounted on walls, but they crank open from upside and allow the light to peek inside. Similarly, skylight windows are mounted on the roof to let the sunlight come from above.

Single-hung bay windows in a house

These are only a few types of windows and doors that can help you make most of the Florida sun; for more sunlight-friendly door and window types, get in touch with EcoViews Windows Doors. We are a leading name in the market for providing factory-direct doors and windows for Florida and Alabama homeowners.

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