Home is where your heart is, and if it isn’t there, it’s just a place to live and survive—merely a wood and stone structure. Therefore, your home needs to have the best of all as it’s where you spend most of your time. And if you live in a place such as Florida, which has a beautiful coastline, blue skies, and plenty of sun, you need to up your game and match the ‘Florida vibe.’

This blog will list some ways to change the look of your Florida home and give it a more modern yet comfortable feel.

1. Play with Colors

Old, washed-out paint can make your house look dull and outdated. Hence it is essential to coat your walls with fresh paint if you want to transform their look, but if you want your home to have a modern feel, you need to be wary about using too many colors.

So when repainting, choose wall colors that will complement your furniture; since Florida homes can receive a lot of sunlight, it’s better to go with light colors such as beige, white, or off-white and pair them with natural wood accents in the furniture.

You can add a hint of color to your room by placing colorful carpets, cushions, sofas, curtains, etc., to make it look lively and welcoming.

2. Create Open Spaces

A modern home presents a picture of a de-cluttered house and has a lot of free, open space. Also, Florida can get hot and humid. Therefore it’s better to keep your place as airy and relaxed as possible, and there are multiple ways to achieve that.

If you want your place to look more extensive, eliminate bulky furniture items and replace them with smaller ones that take up less space but are equally functional. You can also eliminate all the pieces of furniture that you barely use, make two smaller rooms into one ample space, replace carpet with wooden flooring, etc.

3. Change Your Doors And Windows

Doors and windows are in plain sight; they are usually the first thing everybody who visits your house notices. Hence it is essential to pay special attention to their transformation as they set the tone for the whole place.

Since Florida has plenty of sunlight to offer, you can use big windows in your house to capture that. Many places in Florida also get a view of the coastline, so large windows will do a good job in bringing the outdoors in.

And when replacing doors, replacing paneled doors with plain, sleek ones or the glass ones and using pocket doors and sliding doors instead of the conventional ‘door-knobs’ ones would help a great deal with the overall theme of a ‘modern’ house.

A fiberglass door installed to give a modern look to a Florida house

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