In 2021, Florida was hit with seven Hurricanes, four major and three minor, making 2021 another usual hurricane-filled year for Florida residents. The hurricane season in the region lasts from June to November, making life difficult for residents.

Since Florida witnesses so many hurricanes every year, all residents should take proper steps to ensure that the roaring winds and the pouring rain don’t have any lasting damage on their houses.

From getting vinyl frame windows to repairing the roofs, here are some tips and tricks to prepare your Florida home before the hurricane season.

People trimming trees to prepare for a hurricane in Florida

Trim the Trees Around Your Property

Do you know that the trees around your house can be uprooted during a hurricane and fall on your house? Even if that doesn’t happen, heavy branches can still fall on your house or the ground, destroying property and injuring people.

Therefore, we recommend trimming the trees in a 10-feet radius of your house. Precisely remove any branches that hang over your porch or tree to minimize the risk of any significant damage. In addition, you can remove shrubs too.

Bring the Outdoor Items Inside

Do you have a pretty large front or back garden? The hurricane can wreak havoc on it, so you need to protect all the outdoor furniture. The wind and the rain can destroy all these outdoor items and even blow them away, striking your house or hurting people.

Therefore, we recommend bringing all the loose outdoor furniture and decoration inside. Before the hurricane season starts in Florida, examine the outdoors and bring lighter things inside. However, we recommend securing heavy things like motorcycles or cars in the garage. Moreover, you can also rent a secure storage facility for things that can’t fit inside your home.

Invest in a Backup Power Facility

The hurricane season in Florida means that you should be prepared for the power to go out. However, we suggest investing in a backup power facility like a generator.

A generator can help you run essential home equipment like lights, refrigerator, appliances, etc. Trust us; you wouldn’t want to sit for hours in the dark without access to water or electricity!

Fix the Roof

If you haven’t repaired your roof already, now’s the time for a detailed roof inspection. Prepare your roof by replacing missing tiles and shingles and fixing cracks. A roof with damage allows water to get inside your house. Moreover, you can also fasten the roof to the walls through roof clips and straps to ensure that the roof stays intact during a hurricane.

New, double-hung windows to prevent hurricane damage

Get New Windows

Do you know that old windows can crack easily, allowing wind and water to come inside and flood your house? At EcoView Windows and Doors, our home window replacement providers install sturdy double-hung windows in the place of your old windows to make your house secure.

Get in touch with us to get vinyl frame windows in Florida and prepare for the hurricane season.