Imagine going in blind to a house show, not knowing a single thing on how to make a deal, and getting swindled into purchasing a falling house. Getting window replacements without doing your research is something like that. Maybe not as extreme, but pretty close.

Not to say window manufacturers and real estate agents are crooked, but you save time and find better products when you’re informed. You’ll find some common window materials when you research, and all of them have their pros and cons.

How do you even decide what to pick when these materials have both their advantages and disadvantages? Do extensive research to see what fits your requirements.

Wooden Window Material

Wood is a natural resource and has a long history of use for windows and doors.


  • The major pro of wooden windows is their sustainability. Wood will always be lauded because it’s natural and renewable.
  • Wood has been used for windows and doors for thousands of years. If you’re a stickler for tradition, there is no material with more history and tradition than wood.
  • Wooden windows are visually appealing, and their natural grain is also difficult to find in other materials.
  • Wooden windows are strong and durable and get harder over time, although the strength can vary from wood to wood.
  • Older and traditional homes can increase in value with these wooden additions.
  • It provides good insulation and doesn’t generate much heat.


  • It can get very costly, depending on the type of woodyou pick.
  • This material is awful to use in areas with high moisture levels. Wooden windows are a haven for mildew, rot, or mold.
  • To maintain its high-quality look, they’ll need a lot of love. You need to do constant maintenance like caulk, clean, sand, and stain to keep its original look.


Vinyl Window Material

Vinyl is composed of PVC and is used in numerous household items, construction, and also plumbing.


  • Vinyl window materials are the most affordable material.
  • Vinyl frame windows don’t attract heat or lose heat from the interior as well. The vinyl window material can be filled with insulating foam, which makes it energy efficient.
  • They require no maintenance. Leave them unpainted, and a high-quality vinyl material will look new for years.
  • New technologies are introduced frequently. Changes have been made in vinyl material as well. They are now UV-resistant and non-corroding, which can make them last for decades.
  • They are great for high moisture climates because they are water-resistant and durable.


  • Vinyl window material can’t be painted or stained. The color stays the same.
  • It needs good installation. They can warp if the installation isn’t done correctly.
  • Although it’s durable, it can still warp in high-temperature differences. Vinyl expands and contracts at extreme temperatures.

Aluminum Window Material

Aluminum is a versatile material and is used in many things, from houseware to airplanes. It’s lightweight and typically strengthened with alloys.


  • Aluminum material is a great value for the money.
  • It requires very little maintenance. It’s not necessary to paint over it, and it comes in a variety of finishes.
  • If you’re looking for a window that lets in more light, it’s a great option. It has a slim profile and a narrow frame. This means more room for glass and more room for the light to pass.
  • You can customize it for the unique configuration, and it’s lightweight.
  • It’s resistant to warping resulting in a longer lifespan.


  • It’s not a good material for places that face high heat or extreme cold. Since it’s a metal, it’s prone to expanding from the heat. This makes it the least energy-efficient window material.
  • This kind of window will look unpleasant in winter because it blocks views.
  • It’s also susceptible to corrosion where there is more salt in the air or water.


Fiberglass Window Material

A premium product yet chock-full of benefits. It’s made through a pultrusion process that combines glass fiber and plastic for quality and reliability.


  • It’s extremely durable since it’s ultra-resistant to warping, rot, and swelling.
  • Fiberglass can look like wood or other textures and can also be painted.
  • Its strength can be increased further.
  • Fiberglass frame windowis an amazing insulator. Innovations have made this material the leading one in windows for insulation.
  • The material expands and contracts. This improves its lifespan further.


  • They can cost more than wood and vinyl window material.
  • Many window replacement services only offer it in limited colors. You might need to paint it to get it to your desired color.

Composite Window Material

The composite window material mainly made from wood, metal, and vinyl combines the best parts of all three materials for a strong product.


  • As its name suggests, it combines many materials such as wood, vinyl, and metal. These windows combine all their strengths.
  • It’s energy-efficient and sustainable.
  • It also has a high resistance to moisture, rot, and warping.


  • It’s harder to get because there is a limited number of manufacturers.
  • This costs a lot more than other materials.
  • The durability is not the same because composition varies.


Wood-Clad Window Material

Wood-clad windows give you the look of wooden windows but without all the sensitive care it needs.


  • They have the appearance of wood without the same maintenance.
  • They are of good quality because wood frames and covered in aluminum and fiberglass exteriors.
  • They have several customizing options and look as aesthetically appealing as real wooden windows.
  • They’re durable and long-lasting if cared for.


  • The cladding can still separate.
  • It’s also more expensive than other materials.

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