Whether you’re building a new house or looking for window replacement options for your old home, there are several choices available for you. The window style, variety, material, and the type of home you have all determine the right kind of window for your property.

Single-hung and double-hung windows are among the most common window designs in American homes.  Homeowners across Florida especially prefer these windows.

So, what exactly are single-hung and double-hung windows? How are the two identical-looking windows different in functionality? And most importantly, which one should you pick for your Florida home? This blog answers everything you have to ask about single-hung and double-hung windows.

Single-Hung Windows

A single-hung window, also known as a single-sash window, is one of the oldest window designs. First seen in England in the 17th century, these windows came to the U.S. a little later. From a distance, both single-hung windows and double-hung windows look almost the same. However, only the bottom sash is operable in single-hung windows, while the top sash stays fixed.

Energy-efficient, reasonable, rustic, and versatile, single-hung windows are arguably one of the most common window types used across the U.S. Many old-style houses use these windows to preserve their vintage aura. They’re also added to modern homes to add a historical touch.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are also called double-sash windows. This window style has recently garnered popularity due to its functionality. Albeit a little costlier than its traditional variant, double-hung windows are worth every penny for the various benefits it offers.

Available in various materials and styles, double-hung windows have two operable sashes. The bottom and top halves of the windows can be opened one at a time or simultaneously. This makes double-hung windows ideal for ventilation and lighting in small-sized homes. Furthermore, double-hung windows are also available with variations that make them highly energy-efficient.

Differences Between Single-Hung and Double-Hung Windows

Here are some of the key differences between single-hung windows and double-hung windows.


A Single-hung window has one operable window at the bottom that can be opened for air and ventilation. In contrast, a double-hung window has two operable windows. Both the top and bottom sashes can be opened simultaneously or individually.


Both windows are available in vinyl frames, wooden frames, and fiberglass frames. This allows homeowners to choose the best window as per their house’s style and requirements.


Single-hung windows cost around $100-$300 with $75-$100 installation charges per window. On the other hand, double-hung windows are more expensive, with each window typically costing around $400-$600.


If you’re looking for energy-efficient windows, then both single-hung and double-hung windows will serve your purpose. Available with energy-efficiency variations, both window styles can fulfill efficiency needs. Previously, single-hung windows were said to be more energy-efficient, but that’s not the case anymore.


Single-hung windows are most available in larger sizes that can be customized according to your home. On the other hand, double-hung windows are available in standard sizes mostly.


Single-hung windows are mostly used in bedrooms and kitchens as they have single opening sashes. Double-hung windows are preferred for bathrooms, guest rooms, and other small rooms in the house where there’s a greater need for ventilation.

Pros and Cons of Single-Hung Windows

Now that we know the difference between the two home windows, let’s look at their pros and cons.


Here are the advantages of installing single-hung windows in your home.

  1. Affordability: Single-hung windows are best for homeowners looking for window replacement options on a budget. If you need to install more than a few windows, single-hung windows are a better option.
  2. Energy-Efficiency: Since there are fewer movable parts, single-hung windows are effectively sealed and provide higher efficiency.
  3. Durability: Again, due to few moving parts, there are fewer chances of break and damage. Single-hung windows are known to last longer.
  4. Rustic appeal: Owing to their historical use in the 17thcentury, single-hung windows continue to remind us of the ancient architecture of Europe. This makes them a wonderful addition to fusion home designs.


The only downside to installing single-hung windows in Florida is the cleaning difficulty involved. You have to be outside to clean the exterior of the windows and inside to clean the interior. This makes cleaning single-hung windows challenging.

Pros of Double-Hung Windows

Here are the benefits of double-hung windows.

  1. Practical: Double-hung windows are extremely practical due to the double operable sashes. This allows homeowners to use the window as per their requirement and enjoy views and air or both
  2. Secure: Another benefit is for families with children and pets. You can open the top sash to let the air inside while keeping the bottom sash locked to keep the little ones safely inside.
  3. Easy to clean: Double-sash windows are a dream come true for homeowners in Florida. You can conveniently tilt both the sashes inside and clean them instantly.
  4. Stylish: Who can ignore the aesthetics? Double-hung windows are available in a wide range of materials and designs to complement your house.


If not installed by a reliable glazier, double-hung windows can lack energy efficiency and durability. Renowned window replacement providers like us properly install double-hung windows with upgraded energy-efficient materials. This ensures that your double-hung windows are not vulnerable to damage due to multiple moving sashes. Moreover, our windows are energy-efficient too.

Looking for Window Replacement Services in Florida?

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