Although window glass is secure and firm, a few factors, such as strong winds or heavy objects, can break the window. For the safety of your home and family members, broken glass should be repaired immediately.

Here are the steps you should take in case of a broken window.

a window with cracked glass

1. Find the Cause

The first step should be to find the cause of breakage. This can help you determine what additional factors you need to access. For example, if the window is shattered due to a storm, there can be more damage around the house due to debris and strong winds.

2. Secure the Affected Area

Secure the area by closing off the door or putting a make-shift barrier to warn the family members of the potential danger. Take special care of the kids.

3. Clean up the Mess

Take all the protective measures to avoid injury.

  • Make sure to wear clothes that completely cover you. Wear full-sleeved shirt and long pants, closed shoes, and durable gloves.
  • Pick bigger pieces first and put them in a sturdy paper bag. Then collect smaller shards in the dustpan using a broom and empty them into the paper bag. Transfer the paper bag into a garbage bag and then dispose of it in the trash.
  • Vacuum the space to remove pieces of glass that were missed.
  • If some shards of glass are still attached to the window, cover them with a towel.

a broken window with shattered glass lying around

4. Use Temporary Window Covering

This is an essential step to protect against environmental factors like wind, dust, and sunlight and keep out potential intruders.

You can nail a wooden board on the window frame. Other options are shower curtains, a tarp, and a trash bag.

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