Windows aren’t just a fundamental part of the house to let in air and light. It’s not all practicality with windows (although it’s extremely important). They greatly influence the aesthetic value of any home. They bring light, air, and beauty to a home and stop residents from feeling confined in the four walls.

Your window is a key part of the house’s style, whether you’re looking at it from the inside or the out. There are several options for window replacement – the new window options even combine style and efficiency.

To many homeowners, new windows should be easy to operate and be energy efficient. But this is also a golden opportunity to enhance the look of your home too. Here are some of the most popular designs.

1. Single-Hung Windows

A classic design, single-hung windows are a simple design choice in windows. Despite their simplicity and classic feel, these windows combine state-of-the-art engineering with a clean look.

With single-hung windows, you raise the bottom half to create an opening for air to pass. The top half of this window remains stationary. The window allows for one-way minimalist use.

These windows are also energy-efficient and cost-efficient. They also won’t take up any extra space due to their design. They don’t open outward and save space, so you can let a lot of sunlight and breeze into your home. You’ll have to sacrifice no square footage with these windows.

2. Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are a popular choice for new homeowners. While the single-hung window has one moveable sash, the double-hung window, like its name, has two. This is a more functional version of a single-hung window since both halves can be opened.

The top or bottom half can open one at a time. You can get more ventilation from double-hung windows, and they’re still straightforward to use.

The windows also tilt in, making them very easy to clean. They’re also an ideal window to install if the height of the window opening is taller than the width.

3. Casement Windows

If you’re looking for a window that has even more airflow, a casement design fits the bill. They have more maneuverability due to a vertical hinge. They are like a door because they swing in or out due to their crank system.

It’s a more traditional style commonly found in areas with older homes. They’re more popular in windy or rainy climates. This is because of their flexibility. They allow air despite the wet weather outside.

They also have excellent energy efficiency. Casement windows prevent heat loss by minimizing conduction. They also prevent leaks between the sash and the frame. Since the window is like a door, it’s also simple to operate.


4. Awning Windows

Another traditional style on this list, awning windows, is like casement windows as well. They are crank-operated, but instead of vertical hinges like casement windows, awning windows have horizontal hinges.

There are one or more hinges on the top of the window frame so it can swing outward. Wider, instead of taller, they open to 45 degrees. The windows will let air circulate freely, making it another great option for ventilation.

The angle also provides a unique protective shield that’ll keep the rain out. The screen is also easy to remove for cleaning. You can still enjoy fresh air in your room in inclement weather.

5. Bay & Bow Windows

Want to make a nook space in your home? Bay windows are a common option to achieve that look. Bay windows are usually made up of a series of windows. There are normally three or more that will connect to open to a view.

The bay design window is classic with versatile uses. Picture windows flanked by small windows are the typical designs for bay windows.

Bow windows are just a variation of bay windows. They also have three or more connected windows. Their style and feel are similar because both are used to create an open space.

The difference is the shape it’ll have in the finished product with bow windows. They’ll form a half-circle rather than angled edges.


6. Architectural-Shaped Windows

Some houses are uniquely shaped, and homeowners would like to turn every space livable. Something new they’re opting for to turn these unique shapes more useable is architectural shape windows.

They come in various shapes like hexagons, ovals, circles, etc. The most common design is a half-round or circle shape. Unfortunately, due to their shape, they’re not always functional. They give your home a distinctive character but are fixed pieces of glass that don’t open.

7. Tilt Turn Windows

Tilt turn windows are versatile and simple in functionality, perfect for minimalists. They bring a classic look to the room with a minimalist style. It’s a European design that, like casement windows, swing in or out like doors.

They can also be tilted upwards for more ventilation. Both functions are easy to control with a single handle. They usually have hidden sashes and hinges with better air seals. They are also easy to clean.

8. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows open when you push them to the side. They’re an alternative to casement windows, with tracks running above and below the window. Casement windows aren’t always practical because of their vertical hinges.

They are typically more inexpensive compared to other designs. It’s a popular choice because it’s functional and durable.


Latest Window Designs for Florida & Alabama Homeowners

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