An apartment with impact resistant entry door

Let’s face it, when it comes to understanding the value of an entry door, many homeowners tend to overlook it. But this is the first thing your guests see when they stop by and is an essential barrier between the outside world and your family. If you live in a Hurricane-prone state like Florida, then an impact-resistant door is a must. Here’s how these doors can benefit your home:

1. Burglars and Hurricanes

One of the main advantages of installing an impact door and windows is that they offer full-time from burglars and the elements. With an impact-resistant door, you won’t have to worry about installing protective devices like accordions and hurricane panels to meet the building codes. All you need to do is call in a professional to install impact doors in all openings. One thing to keep in mind is to check the building code requirements before installing.

2. Reduces Energy Costs

Next, impact glasses are known for their high-performing Low-E coating, which keeps the cool air trapped in your home and won’t let the humid air enter. This ensures a comfortable living temperature and reduces your electric bills. This means by installing impact-resistant doors and windows; you can expect a high return on investment.

A home with a high impact entry door

3. Blocks Dangerous UV Rays

Impact-resistant doors also protect your home from the sun’s dangerous UV rays. These doors are made with impact-resistant glass doors, which reduce the UV rays entering your home. This way, you can enjoy natural lighting without worrying about the harmful effects UV rays can have on you. According to research, UV rays can cause skin cancer and highly damage furniture, carpets, and rugs.

4. Improves Curb Appeal

While being extremely practical and functional, impact-resistant doors are available in different styles to fit varying home designs. Your entry door can be made with decorative glass, door panels, and even gold accents like handles to create a visually stunning and welcoming entryway.

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