Many people often consider remodeling their bathrooms and kitchens every once in a while. Others repaint their walls or get new flooring, but hardly anyone bothers to think about getting new vinyl frame windows or steel doors!

Why is that? Don’t windows and doors grow old with the age of your house, and shouldn’t you replace them when needed?

If you’re starting a home improvement project and windows and doors aren’t on your priority list, make a list again! Here’s how old windows and doors can pose a safety risk!

Mold in the Door and Windows

According to health research, mold in homes leads to many respiratory diseases and allergies. However, you’re letting mold grow in your house by keeping the same windows and doors around for a long time! The wood holding the glasses and edges together may have mold developing inside and spreading to the adjacent walls.

This specifically applies to windows and doors in the bathroom, as moisture gets trapped in their hinges and frames. Ensure that you check the doors and windows regularly and replace them if they show signs of mold growth.

Lead Paint in Doors

One of the most dangerous aspects of having a house with old windows and doors is the lead in the paint. Old doors have lead paint over them, and while the windows are free from this, their frames or sills can still have traces of lead paint.

Every time you or any family member touches these doors and windows with the lead paint, it can be a considerable health risk! Researchers have mentioned that using paint with lead can lead to significant health problems like anemia, weakness, and kidney damage.

Easy to Break In

Frail windows and doors make for the golden opportunity for robbers and thieves to break into a home. This is why it’s ideal to get rid of any doors and windows that are nearing the end of their life. Replace them with new, robust doors and windows that make your home more secure.

Rotten Sills and Frames

How many times have you injured your fingers over a jutted-out rotten piece of wood or frame? That can happen inside your house if you keep your doors and windows way past their lifetime.

Old window frames and sills and old door hinges can rot and jut out, injuring everyone near them. Like mold, bathroom windows and doors have a higher risk of rotting. In addition, rotted windows can easily give out and fall, injuring people.

Old exterior doors in a house

Minimize the chances of injuries and health issues by getting your windows and doors replaced on time! At EcoView Windows and Doors, we offer door replacement services where you can get new and better doors of your choice.

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