Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are working and studying from home, and this makes it the perfect time to spruce up your home by following the latest trends.

Scroll down to read the latest window trends for Florida homes, and how they can make your house look more spacious and on trend!

A Florida living room with a floor-to-ceiling single-hung window

Become More Sustainable

The ongoing debate about sustainable living choices has pushed many of us to make our houses eco-friendlier. One way to do that is by installing sustainable windows. These windows have secured edges for temperature regulation and insulation.

For instance, you can open the windows when the temperature is mild and close them when it’s too hot inside the house. In addition, these energy-efficient windows allow sunlight to enter and flood the rooms while blocking the harmful ultraviolet radiation. The future is all about making choices that benefit the environment, and your window choices can actually play a part in this!

Opt for Black Frames

Most of the people in Florida have white window frames. But the latest window trends include black frames that give a sophisticated look to a home’s interior and exterior look. Moreover, dark colored window frames provide a visually appealing contrast to light or neutral colored walls.

The best part about these black window frames is that they work with every kind of home – modern, contemporary, Victorian, you name it; black window frames complement all kinds of home designs!

The Bigger the Windows, the Better for You

Like other things, the latest windows trends are about installing huge, floor-to-ceiling windows. Bigger windows are becoming the latest focal points in Florida houses, and we love the trend! In addition, you can also enhance the oversized windows look by placing furniture and decorations next to them.

Sound-Reducing Windows

Are you tired of the noise from the streets entering your home and disturbing you while you work or sleep? We have gone through the same, and dealing with unwanted noise is stressful.

Therefore, we recommend you to try this window trend for Florida homeowners: get sound-reducing windows. These windows will make your house and life more peaceful and ensure that you enjoy everything you do without getting disturbed.

Design Window Seats

Do you want to bask in the sunlight without stepping outside your house? We have the ultimate solution – window seats!

Window seats are practical, comfortable, and make your house more stylish. In addition, they are also one of the best ways to increase seating options in a room without making any significant changes. Just grab some cozy cushions and pillows and transform a window into a cute reading spot!

People sitting and working on a double-hung window seat

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