Thinking of getting new doors or windows for your place? With so many designs and options available, it’s easier to get confused and make wrong decisions. After all, not all window installers provide the same quality.

Here are a few questions you can ask your salesperson to help you make an informed decision.

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Nothing can beat a hands-on experience. It’s always better to visit the showroom to see all the window and door designs, colors, frames, and grid options. This will also help get a better idea about the quality of their work.

A showroom will also prove that their company is credible and they won’t be running off with your money.

2. Can They Provide References?

This way, you can ask around about the quality of their service from their previous clients. Make sure to ask about the overall experience.

3. What is Their Warranty Policy?

Find out how long their warranty will last and what it will cover. Ask whether they will cover accidental breakage, the cost of the labor, and in case of an emergency, how long will they take to get back to you.

4. Should I Opt for a Full-Frame or Pocket Window?

To install full-frame windows, the complete window unit is removed and replaced with a new one. While pocket windows are fitted to your existing frame, both have different costs and their own pros and cons.

Talk to the salesperson about which type of window will be ideal considering your home architecture.

5. Do They Have Insurance?

Ask the type of insurance they have and what it will cover. Who will be liable in case of an accident during work or if their windows don’t perform as expected?

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6. Can They Install Windows and Doors in Phases?

Replacing all your windows and doors can be expensive. Ask if they can install them in phases so the cost can be divided.

7. What Materials do They Use?

If you want your windows to last longer, the quality of the material is extremely important. Ask them about the kind of material they will use in the frame, the quality of the glass they will install, the type of caulk they will use, and the kind of screws and sealing foam they will use.

Also, make sure they use the said material when they come for installation.

8. Pricing?

Ask for a complete breakdown of the prices. This could include the cost and specifications of the windows and doors they are planning to install, labor costs, and any additional expenses you might have to pay later.

Also, make sure they provide you with all the details in writing.

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