Enhancing your home’s curb appeal often requires a substantial monetary investment. You may have to get your porch renovated, invest in structural changes, or grow a high-maintenance garden. An easy and affordable way out of these expensive projects is by adding accessories to your exterior doors and windows. They make the house more habitable for your family while improving the overall aesthetic value. Moreover, you do not need the help of window replacement solutions providers in FL for this job. Depending on your budget, you can choose from the many exterior window accessory ideas mentioned below.

1. For Single-Hung Kitchen Windows

It is common for homes in Pensacola, Florida, to have a single-hung window overlooking the kitchen sink. It is often the only source of natural light in the kitchen. That is why the placement and accessorizing of this window are very important for the look of the kitchen. We suggest you hang small drapes over this window, the length of the window’s size. They provide functionality and allow you to limit sunlight exposure during summers.

2. Plant Pots

If you wish to add a colorful element to your exterior windows, you should set up some flower pots beneath them. Pots with tall plants can be set on the ground below the, while smaller flower boxes can be attached directly to the posterior window frame. It livens up the property and creates a welcoming ambiance.

3. Build a Pergola

A mini pergola can serve as the base for decorating your windows in many different ways. When Christmas rolls around, you can hang your favorite ornaments from it. You can add money plants, flowers, succulents, and many other things to a pergola. And because it is built from the outside, your family won’t be disturbed during its construction. Ask your window replacement services company which pergola style would pair well with your home exterior.

4. Wooden Awnings

Awnings can be used to add structure to your exterior windows. You can hang small plant or flower pots off their top. You can paint them in unique colors to make your property stand out.

5. Thatched Shades

This type of awning for your exterior windows offers a rustic look to your property. It blocks out excess sunlight and keeps your home cooler during summer. If you don’t like the simplistic look of this accessory, you can also incorporate flowers into it. This style will make your home’s garden look stunning without you spending big.

6. Shutters with a Base

To make ordinary window shutters more functional, you can add a wooden base. This design adds definition to the casement as well as double-hung windows on the exterior. Country homes and outhouses can make maximum use of this idea.

7. Metal Grills

If you are worried about the protection of your home, the addition of metal grills to exterior windows will help you eliminate many concerns. This structure barely obstructs the pathway of natural light into your home while keeping your property safe. To beautify these grills, you can paint them white or any other color that matches the overall color scheme of your property. Ferns, flowers, or even buntings can be wrapped onto these grills to add the element of softness. The maintenance of your windows will become much easier, and you will save hundreds of dollars in future repair costs as well. So consult with your local window service company in Pensacola today, and find out more reasons to invest in this exterior window accessory.

8. Window Shelves

Homeowners usually install shelves on the interior side of windows, but how about adding a sturdy base to the exterior side as well? This element offers flexibility and convenience for homeowners of Florida. During the cooler times of the year, you can decorate this shelf with plant or flower pots. And when it gets too hot and dry for plants to survive outside, you can bring them inside. There is no need to replace dead and yellowing plants with new ones every summer when they are not attached to the window exterior. Aside from plants, these shelves can also be decorated with other garden ornaments.

9. Fabric Shades

Window awnings come in many different materials, including fabric. They have been the traditional choice of Pensacola residents due to their low initial cost and easy maintenance. You can incorporate different shapes and colors into these shades and blend them in with the rest of your front porch decoration.

10. Tie-Back Shutters

Tie-back shutters along with shutter dogs not only look great but also protect your home during thunderstorms and hurricanes. They are easy to operate and install. Their durable nature makes them an ideal window accessory choice for Pensacola homeowners.

11. Window Guards

To make your home safer for young children, you should consider investing in window guards. They consist of a few bars, the length of your window frames’ width, that cover the windows from the inside. You can easily install them yourself without the help of a professional craftsman.

12. Window Film

Many homeowners don’t want to ruin their windows’ original look and shape by installing an accessory. An easy solution for this concern is the use of window glass film. It filters the UV rays from the sunlight without obstructing the flow of natural light inside your home.

13. Window Latches

To add an extra layer of protection to your windows against turbulent weather, you should install window latches to the frames. They will limit weather damage and make your windows last longer.

Eco View Windows and Doors can offer you many more suggestions to keep your windows intact during hurricanes and windstorms. Give us a call and learn about our energy-efficient window replacement services in Pensacola, FL.