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Living in Florida, you’d have been accustomed to the harsh weather conditions by now. High winds make it impossible to carry out daily activities during the hurricane season. The power goes out often. However, Floridians are tough, and there is nothing that they can’t handle. In saying that, they do need the right tools to help them withstand the hurricane season.

At the top of the list are resilient and impact-resistant doors needed to prevent the hurricane from entering your homes. Even though people have regular doors installed in their homes, impact-resistant doors are now becoming more of a necessity, and people are seeking out professional replacement home windows providers in Florida for their needs. Let’s understand the common difference between standard and impact-resistant doors.

Normal Doors

Normal doors are your standard or typical builder’s doors that have two sides with an insulating filer in the middle. These woods are usually made of wood, aluminum, or sometimes a mixture of both. You’ll have a spot where the lock goes in. Even though these doors are tested and provide adequate protection from specific security threats, they are not robust enough to prevent strong hurricane winds.

Wood and aluminum can get cracks during strong winds or heavy rains, and the entire frame can get compromised as a result. The only benefit of sticking with a standard door instead of a sturdy one is cheap. However, you’ll end up paying more in damages after a hurricane which could have been prevented if you had impact-resistant windows.

Impact-Resistant Doors

Unlike normal doors, impact-resistant doors are made of sturdy materials that make them perfect for the harsh weather conditions in Florida. These doors undergo rigorous quality and endurance testing to ensure that they withstand harsh windstorms and heavy rainfall. These impact-resistant doors are usually made of high-quality fiberglass skins with a polyurethane core. Their hinges and frames are also made of robust materials that are not found in normal doors

Benefits of Impact-Resistant Doors

There are numerous benefits of having impact-resistant doors installed in your home. First, they won’t shatter if something hits them. They are made of sturdy materials that can withstand the effect of objects being hurled on them. You don’t want storm water to break your doors and come inside your house. Impact-resistant doors will provide you with the necessary protection and keep your home safe.

Another hidden benefit that many don’t realize is that having impact-resistant doors increases your home value. Home buyers in Florida often look for houses with unique features to withstand the hurricane seasons. Elevated floors and impact-resistant doors and windows are at the top of their wish list. Homes with these features often sell for more in the market than those with normal furnishings.

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