Windows and doors serve as a defensive mechanism for your home, protecting your personal space from sudden temperate changes, climate factors, extreme weather conditions, and intruders. While well-maintained windows and doors can upkeep your house’s integrity, they also work well to maintain the internal temperature of your home.

Fiberglass doors and windows are known for their excellent insulation properties, keeping a home warm during winters and cool during summers. However, several factors can cause the air inside your house to escape, compromising its energy efficiency. Continue reading this blog to learn what causes temperature changes inside your home and how you can maintain your home’s insulation system.

Causes of Temperature Variations inside the House

Before fixing temperature shifts, it’s essential to learn why they happen. If you notice increased energy bills for no apparent reason, it might signify a draft in your window or doors. Here are some factors that can allow outside air into your house.

Blocked Air Vents

Look around your house to see if any furniture or object has blocked an air duct. A blocked air vent can change the airflow direction and keep a larger part of your home from getting cool or warm air. Therefore, use a vacuum to clear away any gunk blocking the ventilation systems or slide away the furniture to ensure better airflow. You can also close the vents partially to limit air escape or direct the airflow on a path of least resistance.

Duct Leaks

A leaky duct is another factor that can compromise the internal temperature of your house. Leaks force your HVAC system to work harder to provide air across your home. Get your duct systems inspected and cleaned regularly to save yourself from costly repairs later.

Broken Seals

Although windows and doors can survive for several years, their seals can only last for a few. A discolored, torn, or broken seal can make your window or door drafty and unattractive. Therefore, replace the seals of your exterior door and windows and prevent cool air from escaping outside in the summer.

Damaged Door Sweeps

Like seals, door sweeps are susceptible to wear and tear, which may cause the internal temperature of your home to fluctuate. Fortunately, door sweeps are relatively cheaper than seals and are easily accessible. Therefore, look out for damaged door sweeps and replace them quickly to maintain your home’s warmth.

Chipped or Broken Windows  

Broken windows are a major reason for poor insulation around your home. Minor cracks can turn into a network of fractures if you don’t consider replacement home window services at the right time.

How to Maintain Indoor Temperature

Maintaining the internal temperature of your house becomes easy once you understand the driving factors that may compromise it. Consider the following tips to ensure a stable indoor temperature is maintained in your home:

Install Energy-efficient Windows 

Every day, more homeowners consider energy-efficient windows for their homes. They keep outside heat from entering your house during the summer and lock in the warmth during the cooler seasons. Energy-efficient windows might seem expensive, but they could save you money in the long run by reducing your energy bills.

Use Blinds or Awnings

Blinds and awnings can limit the amount of natural light you want in your personal space. They will also effectively block any hidden drafts in your windows or doors. Blinds and awnings are, thus, an inexpensive solution to staying cool without using much electricity.

Seal Doors and Windows

As mentioned earlier, the weather-stripping in your doors and windows can damage with time, letting in hot or cold air. Therefore, one way to maintain the indoor temperature is by covering all gaps in the window frame or replacing the seals.

If your windows are broken or worn out, avoid spending any more money on repairing them. Instead, hire reliable replacement home window providers to balance the temperature indoors.

Program Your Thermostat

Install a thermostat once you balance the temperature and address the insulation issue. Place the thermostat in a room where you spend most of your time to enjoy a comfortable experience.

Add a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans regulate the air inside a room. You can set the fan spin’s direction to manage warm and cold air according to your liking. For example, a clockwise direction will keep your room warm during the winter, whereas an anti-clockwise spin will provide you with a cooler atmosphere in the summertime.

Utilize Window and Door Replacement Services   

You should also consider the signs of damage in your windows and exterior door. Inspect the door from all sides while paying close attention to its surface. Look out for cracking, peeling, chipping, and fading symptoms, and take immediate measures to restore your home’s internal temperature. You must look for broken, rattling, or loose glass panes if you have a glass door. These factors can allow air to escape outside and vice versa. If your windows or doors are beyond repair, consider getting them replaced immediately.

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