Rainy weather view from the window

Hurricane impact windows are made to withstand extreme weather conditions compared to standard glass windows. If you live in a hurricane-prone state like Florida, you would be aware of the necessity of hurricane impact windows.

According to the state’s building code, every household living in high-velocity hurricane zones, i.e., one mile off the coast, should have impact-resistant windows that can resist at least 150 mph wind.

Here’s why you need hurricane windows:

Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane or harsh weather conditions such as raging storms or extreme rainfall can jeopardize a home’s interior if the windows don’t meet specific building code requirements, i.e., impact windows.

Hurricane impact windows have laminated and flexible glass that can stand up to 200 mph gusts of wind. While the windows don’t protect your buildings from hurricanes entirely, they play a crucial role in reinforcing your home’s defenses against storms or hurricanes.

Hurricane impact windows glass panels are made up of polycarbonate and acrylic, making the window glass more resilient. They’re also energy-efficient windows and protect you from UV light.

The composition of hurricane impact windows makes it ideal for homeowners looking for an effective way to protect their home nature or human threat. Here’s why you should get it:

Reduces Anxiety

If you’re a new homeowner in Florida, the best thing you can do is get hurricane-protected windows and make your home safe against storm impact or burglaries.

With strong impact-resistant windows, you’ll feel less anxious in hurricane season and keep your property safe from forced entries and other threats.

Energy Efficiency

Installing single or double-hung windows that are impact-resistant will also reduce your energy bills, especially during summer in Florida. Hurricane impact windows are highly insulated, which prevents the heat from outside from infiltrating your home.

Additionally, impact-resistant windows are designed to reduce heat gain and efficiently maintain the temperature inside a building.

Reduces Hurricane Damage Costs

Hurricane Irma was the most significant hurricane that hit Florida since 2005, causing overall property damage of $8 billion. More than 900 thousand building owners claimed to have suffered a loss.

Experts claim that homeowners can do more to reduce damage repair costs. From buying plywood and sandbags to installing hurricane impact windows, they can keep their properties safe.


An ancillary advantage of installing hurricane-resistant windows is that they insulate your property. The laminate glass layers soundproof your home and prevent dust and debris from entering your home.

You should consider investing in hiring an expert replacement home window provider in Florida if you live in a loud neighborhood or want to protect your house against storms and other threats.

Shattered standard windows after hurricane

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