There are about 27 different styles of windows you could consider for your home in Florida or Alabama. This article discusses two prominent window types: single-hung windows and casement windows.

What are Casement Windows?

These windows are hinged on either the left or right side, at the top and bottom, to allow the window to crank open horizontally. Think of this as your door, where one side remains stationary while the other pivots open. These are fairly popular due to their modern style and ability to direct cool breezes into the house. Unfortunately, this window type is subject to breakage when fully extended due to strong winds. Moreover, its mechanical cranking mechanism has a relatively high failure rate due to the constant wear and tear it’s subject to.

What are Single-Hung Windows?

Single-hung windows are a variation of the double-hung window style. They’re both similar in the sense that they both have two sashes, one upper and the other lower, which makes them appear about the same. Because the tracks are vertical, they rarely ever fill up with dirt, making both single and double-hung windows low maintenance.

However, the key difference between the two styles is that a single-hung window has only one operable sash, which is the lower one. The upper sash stays fixed at all times, unlike the double-hung window where both sashes remain moveable.

For this reason, single-hung windows are considered a lower-cost alternative to double-hung windows and also offer some additional energy efficiency benefits than the latter.

What Makes Single-Hung Windows More Effective Than Casement Windows?

1. Better Safe than Sorry

Firstly, because a casement window swings outward, they aren’t quite safe for installation on walkways, decks, or patio. You wouldn’t want to end up with blood on your hands (from a nose bleed, of course) from having hit someone while casually swinging out the window to let in some cool air! Single-hung windows are designed to move vertically within their tracks, making them a much more popular choice for installation in places you’re likely to experience foot traffic.

Moreover, single-hung windows offer more protection for homes with kids and pets as it gives restricted access to the outer world. In comparison, a full-height sash opening from top to bottom may very well be assumed to be an egress window by the little hands and tiny paws.

2. Can You Stand the Impact?

Although the swing function of the casement windows allows for a great amount of cool air to be scooped in, it’s prone to damage if not closed or barred adequately during high winds. Its mechanical hardware also has greater chances of failure due to the constant force being exerted, causing the parts to become weaker.

Single-hung windows from EcoView Windows, on the other hand, are impact resistant, meaning they’re made of either two or three-pane glass that can withstand even the worst of hurricanes in Florida and Alabama.

3. Installation for Window Air Conditioning Unit

Last but not least, the reason why single-hung windows are preferred (over casement windows) by far more homeowners is that it allows for the installation of an air conditioner into the window. You can’t fit an AC unit into a casement window, and it’s also fairly troublesome to add any screens to it. As for single hung-windows, screens are the easiest, most unobtrusive addition to the picture.

Elements of EcoView Windows’ Single-Hung Window

1. Vinyl Frames

A vinyl window frame made from polyvinyl chloride and UV (ultraviolet light) stabilizers that prevent sunlight from disintegrating the material. Vinyl frames used at EcoView Windows are highly durable, offer great versatility in terms of design, and offer an extraordinary insulating value. They’re also resistant to cracking, chipping, moisture, peeling, and warping.

2. SolarFlect™ Low-E Insulating Glass

EcoView Windows has paired with the SolarFlect™ Low-E insulating glass technology to add yet another layer of protection against the sun. The low emissivity coating appears as a thin metallic oxide layer that keeps 72 percent of the sunlight from heating the interiors of a building. During the winters, this coating significantly reduces energy loss (by 30 to 50 percent) to keep the interiors warm and cozy.

3. Multiple Pane Glass

EcoView Windows uses double-pane and triple-pane glass that is divided with the use of a frame and spacers. To further minimize the transfer of heat through conduction, convection, or radiation, Argon gas is filled within the airspaces.

Argon gas is denser than air. That’s why adding it to double or triple-pane glass significantly improves the window’s thermal insulation efficiency. Moreover, as we pair argon gas with the SolarFlect™ Low-E insulating glass technology, it allows the temperature of the window to remain closer to that of the room.

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