Getting your home’s exterior doors replaced? You must have observed that most houses in Alabama have steel doors instead of wooden doors.

Steel doors used to be an element of commercial buildings and were not so popular in residential properties. However, people in Alabama have shifted to steel doors over time because of their multiple benefits.

Here are the reasons that have made Alabama homeowners prefer steel entry doors:

Security And Safety

Strength is the definitive property of steel; hence steel entry doors provide a sense of protection to homeowners. Since steel doors are more rigid and resilient than all other types of doors, it’s nearly impossible for intruders to break into your home.

Burglars target residential properties more. Hence homeowners prefer steel doors to protect themselves and their families. Similarly, advanced security locks installed on steel doors are better than ones installed on wooden doors due to sturdiness and solid construction.

Energy Efficient

Steel doors are great for maximizing insulation by retaining the energy in the house because they are filled with foam through a digital procedure.

Good insulation through the door means reduced pressure on the HVAC system. Steel outer door is an excellent choice for saving energy as they are built with a thermal adhesive that provides strong structure and energy efficiency.


Wooden doors are prone to rot or swell with humidity. However, steel doors are not susceptible to rotting or changing their structure with extreme weather conditions. Hence, steel doors offer increased durability, yet they require no to minimum maintenance. You don’t have to worry about them getting damaged or wrecked easily.

Adds to the Curb Appeal of the House

Entry doors are critical for maintaining the specific appearance of your house. You can customize your steel front door however you like. Steel doors offer homeowners various options to choose from as they come in multiple panel options and several finishes. They give Alabama houses a stylish and sleek appearance.

Homeowners who like wooden looks can get steel doors in wood grain finishes; this will provide them all the positive impacts of a steel door with a wooden look. Moreover, homeowners can customize the steel doors according to the appearance of their house structure.

In a nutshell, steel doors are striking, secure, and durable—these are some reasons why they’repopular in Alabama.

A black steel door in Daphne AL, house

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