When choosing the right windows in Florida, you have to consider many factors, especially the harsh weather the windows are exposed to. During hurricane season, severe wind and rain can affect your safety if you don’t choose the right windows or doors.

However, with our resilient and high-quality impact-resistant windows, you can prevent dust and debris from entering your home. Impact-resistant windows have become a necessity for people in Florida.

You can count on our professional replacement home windows providers in Florida to guide you and install premium quality doors and windows in your home.

Let’s learn more about the difference between regular and impact-resistant windows.

Normal Windows

Standard windows are made up of a single layer of glass that can be quickly shattered during a severe hurricane. It’s dangerous because the single layer of glass also leaves the home’s interior vulnerable to rain, storm, and debris.

Impact-Resistant Windows

Impact-resistant windows are better equipped to secure your home’s structural security and integrity. These windows are laminated and stronger than standard windows as they’re designed to withstand harsh weather and raging storms.

The laminated layer of the impact-resistant windows also makes the windows burglar-proof. In case of any tempering, these windows are less likely to shatter.

Difference between Standard and Impact-Resistant Windows


One main difference between ordinary window glass and impact-resistant glass is flexibility.

Impact-resistant windows are flexible under pressure, such as during a hurricane. The panes of the impact-resistant windows will flex instead of shattering. These windows will flex up to several inches when the air pressure increases. This helps in preserving the structural integrity of your home.

On the other hand, a regular window is likely to be damaged in case of high winds or rainy weather due to a lack of flexibility.

Energy Efficiency

Impact-resistant windows are more energy efficient in comparison to standard windows.

Standard window glass tends to transfer heat inside your home in warm weather. The heat rays will also enter your home in harsh sunlight, making it warmer.

With impact-resistant windows, the glass prevents the heat from getting into your home. Not only that, but it also reduces your energy costs by insulating your home.


A standard window’s glass doesn’t stand a chance in hurricane season and can be easily shattered. Similarly, the frame and casing accompanying the glass aren’t very durable either.

On the other hand, an impact-resistant window comes with durable frames and robust materials. It prevents dust and debris from entering the interior of your home and seals your interior completely when shut tight.

Impact-resistant windows in FL

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