With so many home design options available in the market, a homeowner is bound to get confused. Every detail in your home décor has to be chosen carefully, or you could end up with an incoherent theme. This goes for the wall paint you select, the countertops you add, and the doors and windows you install. You must explore different options before finalizing your decisions. So here are some ideas for energy-efficient window types that can give you the inspiration you need for interior home decoration.

1. Arched Windows

For homes with traditional architecture, arched windows make a perfect choice. They were commonly used in Ancient Rome and are still found in many vintage-style homes. It looks just as good with modern architecture as it does with traditional construction. They are the easiest to clean and maintain in any season. It adds an aesthetic edge to your property that other ordinary designs cannot offer. However, their use is entirely decorative, as they cannot be opened. So if you wish to use windows for indoor ventilation, you should not install arched ones.

2. Roof Windows

Homes with an angular roof look amazing with the addition of dormers or roof windows. They supply your attic space with ample natural light and improve your home’s curb appeal. There are many different shapes and designs of roof windows available on the market, each made for a particular roofing style. Your local replacement window services providers in Daphne can help you choose the one ideal for your home.

3. Bay Windows

These are curved windows that offer you a panoramic view of the outdoors. They can be decorated with plants and flowers. Casement or double-hung windows are conventionally used in a bay window design. You can also set up a small sitting area under these windows or use it for other storage purposes.

4. Vinyl Frames Windows 

These are among the most durable types of windows available in Daphne, AL. Vinyl frame windows reduce your overall maintenance expenses and keep your home thoroughly ventilated. They keep outdoor air locked out of your home, helping your air conditioning system function optimally.

5. Picture Windows

This window style also provides for more beauty than function. They cannot be opened, so they only bring in natural light but no air. These windows are usually installed in the living room and come in sizes many times larger than other alternatives.

6. Double-Hung Windows 

This window style is commonly found in American homes due to its versatile nature. It is easy to clean and helps with indoor ventilation. You can install a double-hung window in a narrow space just as well as you can in an expansive living space. The installation cost of these windows is also lower than many other popular options.

7. Single-Hung Windows 

Single-hung windows look more aesthetically appealing than double-hung windows, which is why homeowners prefer to install them on the exterior. Compared to double-hung windows, they might be a little difficult to clean, but their long-term maintenance costs are significantly lower. Because if one out of the two sashes in a double-hung window gets damaged, you will have to replace both. On the other hand, a single-hung window stands strong against windstorms and doesn’t wear down easily.

8. Oriel Windows

These windows open vertically from both sashes. They are convenient to operate and can be accessorized in many unique ways. Homes in Daphne usually have oriel windows on the first or second floor. By adding multiple panes to these windows, you can make them more durable and your home secure.

9. Casement Windows

Casement windows have two sashes, each opening to the outdoors or indoors. Repairing and replacing these sashes is affordable, but their initial cost may not be as low as single and double-hung windows. A single room can heave multiple casement windows, depending on the dimensions of the room and the indoor ventilation needs. You can add long curtains to these windows for a sophisticated look or get them film-coated for UV rays protection.

10. Garden Windows

These windows are associated with European architectural themes. In other parts of the world, these windows are solely used in commercial places such as storefronts and galleries. However, American homeowners also use this versatile window style in their homes. You can place flower pots and many other of your favorite ornaments at the base of this window. It is a unique feature to add to a residential property, and it will significantly enhance the home’s market value.

11. Circular Windows

You will find this window type in homes with a flat roof. Round windows can only be installed during the construction of the property, as they change the structure of the walls they are attached to. Ask your replacement home windows provider in AL about these windows and find out if your home fits their style.

12. Ceiling to Floor Windows

These windows are an extension of a skylight. They look mesmerizing in full bathrooms and other living spaces. You can use stained or frosted glass for the bottom side of the windows for improved privacy.

13. Slider

Sliding windows come in multiple varieties and designs. They have two, three, or even more panes, depending on the dimensions of the installation area. They offer utility and convenience at the same time. But you will have to install separate locks on these windows, as they can be easy to open from the outside.

14. Transom Windows

These windows are installed at the top of exterior doors and other types of windows. They do not have an openable sash and hence only serve a decorative purpose.

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