Windows are an essential part of the infrastructure of your house. They provide air ventilation in summers and help maintain the thermal stability of your house during winters. Without any windows, the condensation inside your house will increase. there will be no proper air ventilation system. Your house will be home to germs.

Sunlight is another important factor that comes along with having windows in your house. There’s a study that suggests windows help homeowners overcome the seasonal affective disorder that many of us are susceptible to. Direct contact with sunlight helps brighten our mood, increasing our serotonin levels.

While having windows in your house has benefits of its own, you have to maintain them regularly. It’s common for you to find chipped and cracked window glass now and then since it withstands harsh external impacts and protects your house all year long.

Here are a 3 reasons why the window glass can crack.

The broken window of a house in Pensacola, FL

1. Stress Cracks

Humans are not the only beings that crack because of stress. Windows can too. Stress cracks start from the edges of your window frames and start growing into bigger cracks. They usually happen because of a sudden drop in temperature either outside or inside.

If it’s an extremely cold day, and you decide to suddenly turn the heat up, your window may not be able to withstand that change in temperature and crack. Likewise, if the temperature drops outside by a lot, it will affect the glass of your windows, much like how ice cubes crackle when you place them under warm water or a hot dish cracks when you place them under cold water.

You cannot completely avoid stress cracks as they occur naturally. But you can decrease their rate by installing thicker windows that have features based on the climate of your surroundings. Since stress cracks occur because of expanding and contracting of glass due to extreme fluctuation in the temperature, thicker glass may help substantially.

2. Impact Breaks

If you live in a neighborhood with kids who love sports, your house has a high chance of being the victim of an impact break. Since impact breaks normally occur when a ball hits windows with a high velocity. Impact breaks have spiderweb-like patterns. They vary differently according to the size and mass of the ball, and the velocity also factors in the impact.

Impact glass has an internal layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), which helps with the blunt force that hits the glass in the form of a ball, a tree branch, or dust and debris during a storm. Because of PVB, you won’t find impact glass to normally break. But there are some rare occurrences when the glass cannot withstand the impact and will break with a circular puncture that will have cracks extending to the sides.

Cleaning out the shards can be dangerous, so you don’t want to go for that. Most homeowners tape up the whole glass or use cardboard to cover it completely. Then take the whole panel out. Or better yet, call a professional to replace your window.

An impact break

3. Pressure Cracks

Pressure cracks are the least common. They occur due to atmospheric pressure changes in the air, which is a rare occurrence. Hence it’s not common for pressure cracks to occur.

Florida residents must have windows with a design pressure (DP) rating of 50, which can withstand air with a minimum of 150 mph speed. You need to ask your window contractors to provide you with a proper design pressure rating before installing new windows.

You need to keep your DP rating in mind, especially if you live in a high-velocity-hurricane zone (HVHZ). These areas have building codes of their own that are set in place to protect your house against high-speed winds that threaten to shatter the structural integrity of your house.

Broken shards of a glass window

How to Fix Cracked Windows?

Cracked windows are an inconvenience for homeowners as they bring safety hazards. Once cracks have started to appear in your window, there’s no way for you to fix them. Replacing is the only option. But sometimes, you need to manage it temporarily until it can be replaced by a professional.

If you notice a crack in your window or a punctured web because a ball hit it right in the middle, you can use tape to cover the impact. You can also use a plywood board to cover the complete window frame. Plywood will waterproof your windows.

Cracked window glass can make it easier for burglars and thieves to enter your house. It can also cause leakage problems and mess with the HVAC system of your house, costing you high energy bills.

You need to secure the glass in place before it causes any further damage to your house. The shards of broken glass can be fatal so avoid cleaning them. If you find any tiny shards, use a vacuum around the edges of the window frame to clean that.

Hire a Professional

Undoubtedly, the windows of your house add their importance. But a minor inconvenience can lead to bigger problems. The windows crack because they’re not installed at the right altitude. To avoid such problems, you need to let a professional do their job. They’re aware of the mechanics that windows require. They make the job easier with the right tools and equipment.

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